Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The verdict is...

Last night, I ran to Target to behold what my makeup fairy left for me in store: The VolumeExact mascara by CoverGirl, cousin to the oh so popular LashExact. VolumeExact is self-explanatory- made like LashExact but for the purpose of volume.

Day one: Last night, I removed my mascara to give the VolumeExact a test run. I applied one eye with the brown-black VolumeExact and the other eye with the black LashExact. To my dismay, no fairy dust swirled above my head and gave me the angel-doe eyes I had expected. There was no real difference other than the LashExact gave a minute amount of length more. I wiped the mascara away and wished it was all a dream.

Day two: I start afresh with clean lashes to test the VolumeExact. I apply mascara to both eyes. My application is as follows: I slowly roll the wand outward on top of my lid lashes as if I were giving my lashes a slow, careful blow out. Then, I coat from the bottom with zig zag motions and voila... there you have it. Not so bad this time around. I see a little more volume. The length is comparable to the LashExact.

Day three: Again, I apply the mascara with the same technique. To achieve the mascara's full potential, you have to apply more than one coat (No need to reinsert the wand for more mascara. Simply, go over the lashes again- there's usually enough mascara still on the wand.) Don't do more than three coats. At this point, the mascara is setting and you may be in for the not-so-natural look (i.e. drama) which is okay for a night out, but maybe not so desireable on a regular day. The good thing about this wand is the plastic bristles that can stand up to the lashes and define them giving you lots of coated lashes, drama or not. Tip: Be careful of the wand's tip , which holds more mascara and almost no bristles to help even out the mascara.

The verdict is: a keeper. Today's end result has shown me lashes that are visibly longer and plush from a front view and thick and gorgeous from a profile view.

I have to remind myself that mascara is just that and not false lashes. It will help to accentuate what I already have. The bristles and wand are important for your individual needs. I may be interested in trying a curved wand, so that I can do a better job of getting all of my lashes, inner and outer corners.

My next experiment: Using the thick formula of DiorShow mascara and the wand of Volume or LashExact to define and lengthen my lashes.........????


Pamalicious said...

OK! My first beauty blog! That's what I'm talking about. I am a once I put it on the morning I'm done kinda sista - but I like makeup own alot of it. I'll see what I am currently using and be back with my list!

Reina said...

Girl, you need to try Bad Gal Lash by benefit and/or Dior Show. Le sigh. Love it!

Oh, and this is reina from DCSG :~)

Sister Toldja said...

Hmm. I may have to try this.

Have you tried L'oreal's Volume Shocking Mascara? It has the white primer to add volume before you put on the regular mascara. You gotta be very careful with it and apply it very slowly. If done well, you lashes will be thick and fab. If not, they get chunky and gross-especially if some of the white is showing. And you MUSN'T sleep with it still on, unless you are prepared to scare someone to death in the AM! I'd love to hear your opinion on this and the mascara OG, Maybelline Great Lash (which I personally don't care for).

Thanks for checking me out! Love the site! (Um, what is "blogrolling"? Sorry, I'm still new to this!)

yummy411 said...

Sister Toldja, lol, thanks for dropping by!
I haven't tried those two mascaras because I know they've been tested by all. For the mascara OG *smile* loyalty to the brand is probably why it has so many followers. With the Loreal stuff, as you mentioned, application is key. I was deterred from the product because of the two step application (too much for me,lol.) I have some conditioner that I use for my lashes (like the white base in the loreal mascara) and put my mascara over was a scary experience. My sister has some and I could prob take a whirl with some of hers. My next mascara escapade will be with Badgal Lash by benefit =)