Thursday, August 23, 2012

Total Beauty: Skin smoothies and false lash application tips!

Flawless skin is just a sip away; see the ingredients you need to injest in order to achieve a perfect complexion

Bottoms Up: 10 Perfect Skin Smoothies
This is a healthy skin diets article
Who knew the secret to perfect skin was hidden in a blender? With the right combination of ingredients, you can get the radiant skin you crave . See the smoothie recipes celebrity dietician Ashley Koff R.D. recommends to her A-list clients. But the real sweet spot? These treats also help trim your waist. Looking good has never been so scrumptious.

If you're clueless when it comes to falsies, here's the ultimate crash course in lash application

The 5 Step Guide to Mastering False Eyelashes
This is a makeup application article
False eyelashes are the beauty gods' gift to those of us with less than bat-worthy lashes. But mastering those feathery extensions requires a full manual, right? Not anymore. We've compiled this simple and easy-to-follow guide with tips from the pros. Now you're just five steps away from your fullest, most lush lashes ever.


Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty said...

I feel right out of the total beauty network when i changed my domain name. I don't think they will let me back now that I'm with BlogHer. Do you know? If so, I can't even find where to re-sign up.

Lee Orlian said...

Thanks for this review. Im a make up artist from Chicago and this would actually help me :)

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Lee Orlian