Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CoverGirl Lash Fanatic Mascara Review

I've been on a roll with the mascara reviews, huh? Today, I'm showing you one of the new CoverGirl Queen Collection products, the Lash Fanatic Mascara!

CoverGirl says:
"Get up to 2x* the look of more lashes rain or shine!* The mircochannels in each bristle of our Lash Surround brush smoothly and precisely deliver mascara to each and every lash - creating the look of more lashes.
*vs. bare lashes"

I received the Lash Fanatic mascara in very black for review.  If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I'm a Queen Collection fan!  I love most of the items including the bronzers, foundations and powders.  (I'm holding out hope on the concealers.)  Knowing that a new mascara would be added to the line up made me very happy. I was a fan of the LashExact and VolumeExact (VolumeExact is being discontinued. ) so I had high hopes for this mascara.

Let's see how it performed:

Met expectations: Nice black color, no flaking, held lashes in place, decent lengthening and volumizing formula; performed as CoverGirl said it would.
Nice to have: No outrageous clumps, good every day mascara.
Didn't meet expectations? I wanted a little more from this mascara in the volume department... but that's just me.  Lash Fanatic is such a great name, I wanted to believe it would have been more like "FALSE Lash Fanatic"
The brush:  This brush is a wand with rubbery bristles, which for some is love or hate.  For me I don't have much of a preference these days.  With that said, this brush's bristles are bit more tight knit than usual rubber wands.  My lashes were coated well with one to two coats.  I piled on the mascara trying to build it up and see if I could get intense volume.  I got close enough for my liking and the close knit, strong rubber bristles kept clumps at bay.  Very nice!

Overall, this is a good every day mascara that you can build the volume on from daytime pretty to going out.  Lash Fanatic struck a good balance in the lengthening and volumizing department.  This mascara also held my lashes up without being being dry and brittle.

This mascara retails for approx. $7.

Have you tried this yet?  Do you have a favorite CoverGirl mascara?


B said...

How have I not reviewed this yet? I am slackin' on my pimpin'. LOL! The volume on this looks crazyyyyy. And that wand is up my alley. Adding it to my "mascaras to review" list.

Tysh said...

When is it coming out in the stores and I love the green liner that is also coming out with it. I have been searching hi and low for this mascara, I am mad they are discontinuing the LashExact that is one of my favorites.

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

i like this alot on you! i'm not a huge fan of covergirl mascaras because of my history with their wands. i remember having one that was too big for me, the one in the orange tube, i had to trash it because i would always end up getting irritated eyes from it because it was too big for me (mascara would accidentally get into my eye :'().

yummy411 said...

@ b: hey girl, no you aren't! you got the 3D covered and all... i'm sure you'll get to it in due time.

@ tysh: it's in stores now. yes i love jade too... did you see my review on it? lash exact is sticking around. it's the volume exact (red tube) that they are discontinuing =((

@ joanne: yeh, i understand. lashblast did have a huge brush with short bristles. i like the formula, so i usually use it with a disposable (on clients). this brush isn't as big. check it out and see if you like it.

Girlie Blogger said...

Your lashes do look thicker and longer. CoverGirl generally makes nice mascara.

Tysh said...

I haven't seen it yet in stores I have to search tomorrow, I need them like right now, LOL