Friday, January 06, 2012

Introducing Vera Wang Princess Night

Chic.  Intoxicating.  Mysterious.
 Floral Exotic Woody

Vera Wang Princess Night sparkles with first impressions of
luscious wild berries and watermelon, blended with sweet raspberry. 

Middle notes include an exotic blend  of velvety jasmine petals,
spicy orange blossom, and a twist of passion rose.

Finally, the base notes leave a trail of crushed sugar and hints of sensual musk and vanilla.

The bottle design is inspired by the sparkle of the city lights at night, covered in deep purple glitter, capturing the essence
of a princess after dark.

Part mischievous, part glam, and all sparkle, the silver crown cap is adorned with amethyst stone accents.

Vera Wang Night will be available January 2012
Retail: $35-75

 Will you be checking out Vera Wang's newest addition to her fragrance collection?  I'm so inclined!  The notes are very much in my character ;)


Distinque said...

Haven't tried Vera Wang, need to check my local Macys and Sephora:)Thanks for the heads up!

Summer said...

Princess is my all time favourite perfume and I really want to try this new version, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous and the description of the scent sounds lovely as well! x

yummy411 said...

@ distinque: i'm looking forward to checking it out as well!

@ summer: i hope this measures up to princess!

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

idk about vera wang fragrances, i wasn't a fan of the others but i will def be checking this one out!