Friday, January 13, 2012

Cover Girl Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner Pencils Swatches and Review

January has been a busy month for drugstore beauty.  A recent release of new products came from one of my faves, CoverGirl Queen Collection!  Back when I went to a CoverGirl dinner with Paula Patton, they told us about new products that would be debuting this month.  Today I want to share with you the Vivid Impact Eyeliners.

(L-r: Gilt, Cabernet, Jade and Midnight Black)

Gilt- metallic gilt green
Cabernet- metallic plum brown
Jade- intense metallic bluish green
Midnight Black- intense black

About the liners: The high pigment formula with a smudger on the opposite end for striking liner or smudged out for a smoky effect. Waterproof for long-lasting color.
Available in 6 vivid shades. Smooth application.

Great addition to the Queen Collection
A shade for everyone
Great metallic finish to most of the liners
Long lasting

It takes the product a few minutes to set.  This allows time for you to smudge it if you wish.  If you have oily lids you may see this product move after a short period of time as I did =(  Use primer to eliminate this issue when lining eyes or smudging the liner.

Can you tell which one i'm in love with so far:
Whew! I'm so smitten with this color and glad it was part of my arsenal.  Yay for metallic gorgeous liners.

Stay tuned for reviews on the Lash Fanatic mascara and matte pressed powder!

Retail pricing may vary: $6-8


Star J said...

Those remind me of the Stila Smudge Sticks. I'll have to check them out when they hit drugstores here in Chicago

Girlie Blogger said...

I like the colors. Super noticeable.'

La said...

Love these. I need to try some of these out! Thanks for sharing!!!

Donna Shae

yummy411 said...

@ star j: jade is really nice.

@ girlie blogger: jade is my favorite.

@ la: i'm glad they added them to the line up!

TKOmulatta said...

Love em! I had been wondering about products from this collection, there are a few lipsticks I want from it. Nice review :)