Friday, December 09, 2011

Dear Urban Decay, re: Urban Decay Duo Liner

Dear Urban Decay,
When your too-popular-for-its-own-good Naked palette hit the market, it initially debuted with a duo liner of Zero and Whiskey, the standard, but essential brown and black liners conveniently in one stick that tops off any look.  Then the palette was released with a brush.  Let's just say I'm glad I got the liners!  (...because I love them, not because the brush is bad.)  I fell in love it and was devastated all at once.  I knew once I ran out of the liners I wouldn't ever be able to replace it.  It got so small it was hard to continue sharpening it.  The caps were outgrowing the liner!

You wowed me earlier this year by listening to the fans and changing the packaging of our beloved Primer Potion.  I think you all heard my call and decided to wow me again.  I saw my liner being sold separately at the counter at Sephora.  I heard jingle bells!  Now all is well in the world.  Kudos and thank you!!!!

Now is it asking too much to make duo liners of other complimentary colors (as permanent items in the line)??

Kia, an Urban Decay Fan

This liner can be found at Sephora, $12. Unfortunately, I don't see this item on but, they do have two pencils/combo pack for $14 exclusive to!


Atiyah said...

Thanks for the heads up, I wanted to try their liners out but never wanted the glitter froo froo la ones. I will hit the mall up this weekend and get this duo.

Anonymous said...

Ahh this is so exciting! I love my duo liner. I've even stopped using it as much b/c I dont want to run out, lol. Glad to know I can purchase it separately now. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Lol, you are too much. But it looks like Urban knows your deepest desires.

antithesis said...

YES! thank you for this news. i just got a $15 gc to sephora so this is right on time. i hope that sephora inside jcpenney has it in stock!

Amina said...

I love your letter :)
off to check out those liners

Star (eyeadorepretty) said...

i have never even used the liner that came with Naked 1. now i have to try it out to see if it's as good as you say lol

yummy411 said...

@ atiyah: let me know how you like it!

@ destinee: so glad someone understands my love for this liner!

@ aceyourfaceuk: lol!!

@ antithesis: i spent my coupon on the nars blush palette lol

@ amina: thanks!

@ star: the liner is a basic black and brown liner, but so handy!!