Friday, October 28, 2011

Cute Shoes, Large Shoes, New Shoes, For You Shoes!

Valerie of Just Like a True Star has these awesome shoes in her possession. (This is her picture.)

Blame Kerris for this!  Not really.  I'm a shoe fanatic; I just don't blog about them and woes to find seriously cute shoes at size 11.  After sifting through emails, I happened upon these bowed babies: Jeffrey Campbell Garret Pump at Nordstrom.  (Im starting to love my Nordstrom emails as much as Sephora.. well, not quite.) I saw the pair in nude first-- and get this-- in extended sizes!!! Yes, 10,11,12, AND 13! The large and in charge, pump your fist! LOL... Then I saw other cute colors of aqua and red (with contrasting orange) are available too!  Now, I haven't seen this in person, but if you wear a large size like I do, you might be skeptical that the shoe isn't made to scale or it looks weird.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that they aren't.


Pumps and Gloss said...

Pumps and Gloss will accept all shoe loving blames. LOL

Cute shoes that you have posted. If you are size 11, check out Talbots shoes. They go up to 11. You might have to purchase sooner than later, though.

Shana said...

These are amazing and I must have them!

Makeup Vixen said...

thank you so much for posting this. I wear a 13 and it's almost impossible for me to find shoes that aren't granny shoes. I shop at Nordstroms and Zappos all the time. Thanks for this blog post though, I would have never looked at it because most shoes only go up to a 10 or 11 and I get so discouraged when shoe shopping that I don't look anymore

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty said...

I'm more of an accessory gal than a shoe gal but last weekend I went buckwild and bought 5 pair of shoes! One of them looks very much like this pair only they are a traditional ballet pink with a black bow.

yummy411 said...

@ pumpsandgloss: oooh! i'll be checking out talbots shoes soon! thanks!

@ shana: so excited that they give us options, but i have to see them in person to believe lol!

@ makeup vixen: you are most certainly welcome. my blog post feels validated now ;) thank you!!!!!

@ michelle: that sounds cute!

Jevon D. Hayter said...

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Tanya said...

cute shoes.