Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspired by: Keri Hilson (AJ Crimson) FOTD

Keri Hilson has been a source of inspiration for me lately (makeup-wise). Her new album cover is hot, credit to Billy B. Then I saw this! Had to try it. Thanks to AJ Crimson who did this look and provided us with a how- to on his blog. The star of the show is MUFE Aquacream color in Gold (#11). I tried out the look for a party in February. WARNING: I don't look like Keri Hilson so my version won't look exactly like hers. This is an inspired by FOTD.

Sorry about Android pics, but it's the quickest cam before going out!
Yeh so, can't quite remember everything I used but I'll take a stab.

FACE: MAC Prolong wear foundation NC42 and touches of Too Chic Highlight powder on high points
EYES: MUFE Aquacream Gold #11, MAC's soft brown in crease, black liquid liner
CHEEKS: Black Radiance powder in Creamy Beige to contour, Physician's Formula bronzer beads (sun stones), MAC My Highland Honey blush
LIPS: NYX Orange liner, VG Gaga 2 lipstick and NYX Smokey Look Gloss (I switched out the lips for a peachier look, since I don't think Myth looks peachy at all..)

I really think Keri's blond hair set the look off (won't be dying my hair blond anytime soon!), but I can't wait to try this again... I'd deepen the liner, add the gold sparkle powder over the Aquacream and white liner on the waterline!



Erin said...

Looooove this look! I have the gold aqua cream. I need to use it!

Mschrys said...

That look is really pretty on you!! Love the eyes

antithesis said...

i agree that white on the waterline would be cute but im loving the look as is, too!

Tamara said...

I love how you made this work, the gold is stunning.. and I love how the orange liner completely transforms VGG2.


Felicia said...

You are sooo gosh darn pretty!!!

Creatively Yours said...

I looove me some Kerri!! Lol he beat her face UP!! I gotta go get me some MUFE aqua cream and that peachy colored cream blush by Smashbox sets off her face..LOVE it!!

Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty.com said...

This color is so nice on you! Bronzes and browns look so good on women of color and you are a pro at the eye make up!

Makeup4play said...

It came out beautiful. I need to try those aqua creams.

yummy411 said...

@ erin: yes erin! i would love to see what you come up with!

@ mschrys, antithesis, tamara and felicia: thanks girlies!

@ creatively yours: girl you betta go! you won't regret it. it's def one of my favorite products of 2010. it's still holding a good position in 2011.

@ michelle: awww thanks beautiful!

@ makeup4play: run, don't walk to get your aquacream! ;)

lady madd said...

Excuse my english, I'm a french girl ;) You are so beautifull !! Adn your make up is so hot and wonderfull !! I like this ;)