Thursday, August 12, 2010

CoverGirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer

Hey all! You all have had the pleasure of seeing just about all of my family on my blog, LOL! In this post, however, I'm reintroducing my sister Toni as my co-editor! Yay! So look forward to more from her in the future. In the past, she's graced us with her lovely face quite a few times and has shown us makeup looks, but this time she's giving us the low down on the new Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue concealer (Whew! That's a mouthful!) Read on to see if she loves it, hate it or recommends it!
(The Natural Hue concealer comes in four shades: Golden Honey, Classic Bronze, Warm Caramel and Sheer Espresso.)

I was really anticipating the new Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue concealer since I so love their foundation, bronzer, and most products from that line. In a nutshell, I was shockingly disappointed by the new product, and here’s why…

The coverage leaves so much more to be desired. The point of concealer is to get rid of the dark circles or problem areas under the eye and on the face, but I had no success in that area when using this product.

The consistency of the concealer is a little too watery and thin. Although I really appreciate coverage without it being too thick or pasty, I was hesitant when I felt the consistency of the product, and for good reason.

On a lighter note, this product would be perfect for people who don’t really have under eye circles, but would like to lighten under the eye for effect. It would also be perfect for those who don’t do a full face of make up, but throw on a little concealer and gloss before hitting the streets. I don’t recommend the concealer only look, but it works for some. If that look is for you, then this product may be one that you’d want to try.

Although the new concealer does not intrigue me, I am a true fan of the Queen Collection. This is just one product that I won’t use, which happens to be true for most product lines. There are usually products from various lines that you love and others, not so much. So, I’ll continue using the products from the Queen Collection that are absolute must haves and hope for a concealer that will “Wow”, in the future.


*This product was provided by PR for review.


Tawanna said...

Thanks for this post, I've been on the hunt for concealer too, trying to experiment with different concealers in search of the perfect one (strangely sounds like my private life!!) Hey! MAC is coming out with the Fabulous Feline collection, I'm interested in knowing if anything in the lineup seems to interest you?! :D

StacyNicole said...

Love everything else from the Queen Collection but this! In terms of drugstore concealers, I highly recommend Black Opal. I actually tend to reach for it more than my MAC Studio Finish concealer. In my opinion, it lasts longer and doesn't settle in lines.

yummy411 said...

@ tawanna: i shall look into it and let you know!

@ stacynicole: i haven't found a black opal concealer for my skintone, but i do have them in my kit!


Somsi said...

If you're looking for an inexpensive drug store concealer you might try Mabeline Dream Mousse Foundation