Monday, July 19, 2010

I Spy Inglot and Kirkland Makeup Brushes!

She (Teen Yummy411) tried to slyly do her makeup on the go, but believe I took notice out of the corner of my eye! Then I snapped a picture when she realize she was caught!

Caught red-handed with my Inglot palette! How dare she, but at least someone's getting use out of it. I've never told you guys this, but... I'm not particularly impressed with their shadows *shameful face*. At least she's using the cute little Kirkland travel set of brushes that I gave her that came with my full size brush set! What a deal that was!

Ehh, the joy of sisters.


antithesis said...

i appreciate u being honest b/c im sitting over here sad b/c idk how to get any inglot and ur sayin it aint all that.

1xellus1 said...

BUSTED! LOL but like you said, someone is getting use out of it! LOL thanks for sharing

Join the Gossip said...

Haha! At least they are getting use =)