Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thinking of going natural? CurlyNikki Transition Stories

My transition story (if I haven't told it already):

While pregnant, I gave up  chemicals during pregnancy.  After delivering my bambino, I tried to stick with it, but I couldn't quite manage my natural hair.  Having the two textures and becoming increasingly tender headed, I went back to relaxing.  I got tired of that.  I never learned how to take care of my hair in a processed state either! The solution was to always throw it in a pony tail and go about my biz.  This time around, I could not be dependant on a hairdresser with a nursing new born at home.
I braided my hair up.  The long hours in the shop for a $200 hair do, the take down process.. My hair became a burden and not the form of expression and pride I knew it could be.  This last take down, I did it alone (without the assistance of my sisters), my arms were tired, my head filled with anger and tears.  I didn't even finish taking this set out.  I cut out the last patch of braids!

My self-liberating chop made me feel free of this heavy burden! It wasn't even neat! I used regular paper scissors, chopped off my hair, grabbed some dye and emerged from the bathroom.  My mother thought I was having an early life crisis, emotional breakdown... whatever she wanted to call it, I was glad I did it.  I didn't read blogs, mags or anything. No plan. No thought of what I was facing!

I wore gel twists with the thought of locking, but I couldn't commit.

 I wore a teeny weeny afro for a bit.

Finally, I locked down!  I couldn't keep up with my TWA.. making sure it was even all the way around, lint free, etc.  I wanted some locs!

 Finally, I had real locks (they were maturing)!  So far, I'm liking this journey.  The different loc phases have been quite interesting!  What's next, ol' head of hair of mine?

Have you thought of going natural?  Currently transitioning?  Check out more stories like mine at one of black web's most popular hair blogs, Curly Nikki.


Shana said...

The TWA was super cute on you, but I am loving your locs! Thanks for sharing your story, I am finding inspiration from everyone that shares.

thirddarbygirl said...

wow that story was great and i followed right along with you are locks are the same age lol! thats great!


Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Thanks for sharing, Diva. Its an amazing story! I'm what you call an accidental natural.

MochaMakeupLover said...

I've been referencing her website since seeing her on Tyra Banks Show. Her hair is gorgeous and I've gotten some great tips for natural hair.

Recessionista! said...

I swear you just have one of those faces that can rock any hairstyle and always look *gorgeous*. I love the afro on you, but the locks are amazing as well. How long did it take for them to grow to the current length? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your story.

yummy411 said...

@ shana: thanks hon! you are looking great rocking your natural!

@ thirddarbygirl: aww my blog gets love from you because you are bored at work! hahaha! anyway, yes our locs are the same age and you keep me inspired!

@ dwana: thanks girl! i know all about accidental naturals too. my older sis is one. a relaxer took out her hair over 10 years ago and she's been natural ever since! i have quite a few pics of her on the blog...

@ mochamakeuplover: that's right! she was on tyra. i didn't see the episode. i love her transition stories!

@ recessionista: aww thanks! i have a ROUND face and so many ppl say, "oh i would never do that to my face. i have such a round face" etc... i guess some people are so used to how their longer hair frames their face that they don't see it any other way. thanks again! it's been about 2.5 years since i cut off my hair! lol (i only wore my little 'fro for no more than 3 weeks before i started the locs.)

@ juvenescent: thanks hon!

Milan said...

GREAT story! I LOVE your locs! I wish I had the guts! I don't think I have the "face" for it. :( I don't relax my hair but I do go to the shop and get it flat ironed. I often want to just rock it as is and go but I also want my hair to look neat! Arrgh! What to do!

B said...

Awww, I don't think I've ever seen any of your TWA pictures. So cute!! Kinda makes me miss my TWA. I hope you keep those locs forever and ever and ever. *wink wink* LOL!

jazzy said...

You go girl! I've been natural for about 6 years now and I know my hair is sooo much healthier becuase of it. I've thought about locs, but I'm too afraid of the commitment lol.

1xellus1 said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I've experienced the frustration & BC'd b4. Your hair looks fab & you are BEAUTIFUL! :O)

yummy411 said...

@ milan: you have a beautiful face for anything you want to wear!

@ b: yeh the twa was fun for a minute, but i enjoy the locs a little bit more. forever is a long commitment with hair chica! lol!

@ jazzy: congrats on 6 years! i'm a low maintenance person and for me wearing my natural hair is too high maintenance =(

@ 1xellus1: you know all about it right? thanks so much for your comments chica ;)

MakeupBliss said...

I HAD to comment on this post! :) I've been natural for almost 4 months now and it was the sweet smell of liberation when I came home from work one day and chopped my shoulder length relaxed hair, down to an inch of curliness! It was the best thing I've done to my hair thus far. My hair looks just like your twa and I love the easy maintenance.