Saturday, February 13, 2010

Missing Valentine Look and Listen

Last, but not least, the missing Valentine look:
You're between a rock and a hard place, you don't need him and need to let him go, but you love him so. The Valentine that you know you want, but is not yours; you'll be better off without him. This look and play list is for you!

FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
Milani powder foundation to set

Get my pink vday look!

-Base lid from lash to brow with soft ochre paint pot

-Base lid with white eye kohl or nyx milk jumbo pencil (I used Fascinating eye kohl by MAC)

-use a light pink on the lid (I used milani's light pink from the Dream Baby quad)

-use mac girlie in crease (slightly deeper pink)

-use mac cranberry in outer v

-for more depth use a bit of mac carbon in (smaller) outer v

-use mac gesso (white shadow) on inner v

-line upper lid with black liner, wing it

-line bottom lid with black liner, wing it down

-use white pencil in between wings of liner

-apply lashes (I used Red Cherry #

CHEEKS: Milani Cherries on Top Double Impact Blush (old!)
LIPS: En Point lipglass (MAC, LE, Danse collection '06-- cannot believe my gloss is that old ew! lol p.s. this is one of my fave pink MAC glosses!)

This looks soft in the pics, but trust it's more intense in real life!

There's the look, now join us in pulling some heart strings with our "missing Valentine" tunes! This list is a compilation of favorite missing love songs on the iPod from Teen Yummy411 and me!

Missing Valentine Play List
Do You-Neyo
I Miss My Friend- Mario
Love Lost- Trey Songs
Promise- Ciara
Golden- Chrisette Michelle
We Can't Be Friends- Deborah Cox
Ex-Factor- Lauryn Hill
Never Gonna Let You Go- Faith
Brokenhearted- Brandy f/Wanye
Missing You- Mary J. Blige
Officially Missing You- Tamia
I Wish- Carl Thomas

So there you have it! All the Vday categories: Love, Anti-VDay and Missing Valentine. I hope you enjoyed the series, the looks and the play lists. Are you with the Missing Valentine crew? Do you have a favorite song that captures this sentiment?


Sofee said...

gorgeous look :D

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

beautiful...gah!!! Girl, that ex-factor will have you laying on the floor with white sheet over you! lol!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful look.

Tysh said...

Girl your makeup is on point, beautiful

Connie De Alwis said...

I love this! it's too gorgeous for words :)