Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Victoria's Secret Pro Camouflage FX Concealer Palette

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How did I go so long without a concealer/corrector palette? I had my own little personal Bobbi Brown palette, but that's wasn't enough. One definitely belonged in the pro kit. This Victoria's Secret Pro Camouflage Palette saved the day! I love this stuff. I once had one of MUFE's corrector palettes. No bueno for me. It was so creamy it wouldn't stay in place! Even after setting it, the concealer and powder curdled under my eyes. It's probably best for mature skin, but not for me. The VS palette has a great stiff consistancy (great for those with oily skin). I'm so happy to have this and it's definitely Yummy411 approved! You have a great chance of finding it in the store; I can't find it on the VS site =(

**Update 4/06/2010: This can be found in VS stores now, $18!!**
*PR sample was provided for this review


Christy said...

i love this! i actually got it around $4 because i had a $10 off coupon! it was definitely worth the $4!! i also love my sonia kashuk hidden agenda palette for a great concealer.

Milan said...

I'll DEFINITELY be on the lookout for this! I need a concealor/corrector palette! Thx!

MochaMakeupLover said...

This looks really promising. Thanks for the info!

...ALLmEYEne... said...

This looks like a great palette to try. I have the MUFE No. 4 palette and I use it b/c I have it but it doesn't stay put ...frustrating. From the pic I'm thinking about stopping on my way home to get this b/c unlinke the MUFE this one looks like it has a nice range of colors (i.e. the mint color) in 1 palette instead of having to get the different ones a No. 1, NO. 2, and No. 4 palette.

Thanks for posting.

Halifax said...

Oh, very curious about this one. Never heard or seen it before though, don't know whether I can find it or not

Anonymous said...
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KissyFace Artistry said...

I'm in the same boat as Christy. I picked mine up for $4 as well. But I'm definitely going back for another one for my kit. I love using it for my brows. It gives me the freshly waxed look when I conceal those pesky little hairs. lol

Dao said...

Oh thank you for doing a review. I saw it at VS and I also have a $10 coupon I want to spend. Thanks for the tip, Ms. Yummy!

yummy411 said...

@ christy: wow such a good deal!

@ milan: this is a great option!

@ mochamakeuplover: no problem!!

@ allmeyene: i think it's a great middle range of colors. i should have added that in the review huh?

@ halifax: i hope you can find it in your near by Victoria's Secret store!

@ kissyface artistry: great! sounds like i need to pick one up for myself!

@ dao: if you get to pick it up, i hope you like it!!

javieth said...
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