Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teen Yummy411 Revlon Runway Runway Collection Nails

Cute designs. 24 Nails in 12 different sizes. Glue included. How fab are these press ons? (Also, included in the box is a nail file and manicure/cuticle wood stick.) Teen Yummy411 aka the little sister couldn't wait to get her paws in these claws. Sorry, I couldn't resist, LOL!

She's the one who paints her nails and tries out my polish regularly, so this was naturally right up her alley, especially being a teen, no job for nail salon maintenance, and ready to change the style of her nails on a whim.

Below she shows off a set. These are medium length. Click on the picture to see the detail of the design on the tips (not to be confused as dirt under her nails!) (No name recorded)

The second set that she says came out much better.. maybe due to the glue being thicker this time around? (Sequins #91087)

(She filed this set down)

-Stay on for approximately 1 week.
-Great design options.
-The different sizes are even wide enough for her large fingers (ring size 9, don't ask. She's a glamazon! ;))

-Glue bubbles or you can tell where you placed the glue under the nail
-Use alot of glue to keep the nails in tact

A great stylish alternative to visiting the nail salon!

Yup, that's her with the same nails, but cut down and polished.

p.s. I even over heard her having a nail appointment with a friend! So they are hot on the streets?

Try these and other Revlon nails at your local drugstore; Retail $7-8


slvrlips said...

These Revlon nails look so natural. I had to take a double look! Very nice!

yummy411 said...

thanks nikkia!