Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Foundation Wish List!

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I was over on Vex in the City's blog and she spoke of her list of foundations she wants to try. I have a list too and thought I would share it here!

Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation- I initially visited the Clinique counter wanting to try their Super Fit Foundation after using it on a bridesmaid. It was so natural, light, with great coverage and healing properties! I wasn't too sure about the luminous finish, so the sales assistant pointed me in the direction of the Perfectly Real Foundation. Golden Beige was spot on! (Loved the foundation brush too!) I handed over my card for purchase; out of stock! "I'm sorry, during the summer we sell out of the darker colors because of people tanning." *blank stare* I want it from Nordstroms with my free gift with purchase!!!

Oh, please check out the Clinique site! I just tried the foundation finder to see what else they would offer me in the foundation department. Results: Perfectly Real Foundation! Bingo! It really works, but do find your shade at the counter!

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation- Another foundation I used on a shoot on a client.... LOVE. I wasn't as impressed with the coverage of blemishes, but photographed, it looked flawless! I love MAC's Studio Finish Stick foundation, so as a fellow Estee Lauder brand, I'm sure I'll love Bobbi's stick foundation as well! Might it be at the CCO?

Coastal Scents HD Foundation- An inexpensive, HD foundation? Why not try it? Grrr to CS's swatches and S&H fees =(

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation- A lightweight, my skin but better foundation? Count me in!

Aaaandd possibly Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation- Another nearly there, perfectly blendable foundation. Blame RFC for this lemming; she did it!

Clinique and Bobbi Brown will most likely get purchased. I'll scope samples of the others ;)


Avartsy said...

never really tried clinique's makeup, but lemming the rest on ur list as well and u're right, grr to coastal scent swatches!

ndoodles said...

I kinda want to try a tinted moisturizer... maybe the Clinque one. But yeah, those CS HD foundation swatches are horrible - There seems to be a lot of beigy shades!

Erin said...

If it wasn't for Sheer Matte foundation, I would have still worn the Bobbi Brown stick foundation. You are right, it is fantastic in pictures.

Go for the Sheer Matte!!!

Dao said...

I looked at your Illamasqua lemming and then RFC and I laughed. That girl converted me to use the microfiber washcloth, too :)

Tysh said...

The NARS foundation is really nice, I love it, I have the Sheer Glow not the Matte.

Pumps and Gloss said...

I love the Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation and recommend it highly!!!

Amanda Allison said...

My mom has used both Clinique foundations and she loves them dearly. They make her skin look even better.

Do you watch Emily of BeautyBroadcast on YouTube? She recently did a review of Coastal Scents HD foundation. You should check it out!

traca said...

let me save u a lil money....if you have ANY blemishes, skip the Nars Sheer Matte. Your skin has to be darn near perfect.

yummy411 said...

@ avartsy: this clinique i think is worth trying. illamasqua is revolutionizing swatching for high end brands! have you seen the swatches on their site?

@ ndoodles: yeh i don't have high hopes for CS, but it would be nice to be surprised!

@ erin: thanks! i forget that you are over one wordpress =( the bobbi brown stick has won my heart.

@ dao: oh no that girl is a dangerous enabler!

@ tysh: another for nars' new foundation. can't wait to try a sample!

@ pumps and gloss: thanks! this clinique foundation is winning me over!

@ amanda allison: thanks for the recommendation! i'll check emily out. thanks again!

@ traca: wow! i guess when they said sheer, they really meant it lol! thanks!

Nepenthe said...

I'm always interested in new foundations, but since finding MUFE HD I'm reluctant to try anything new because it works SO well.

The new year might have to see some experimentation. Thanks for the inspiration. :]