Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lipstick Quickie!

Ok, this is not a beauty shot. So let's not judge, okay? However, I just wanted to show you my little surprise after trying on my latest, cheap thrill ;) If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already seen this. What? Not on Twitter yet? Get to it honty!

The lipstick being blue and cheap are the known factors, but the surprise? It's of decent quality, pigmented, not prone to terrible bleeding around the lips, even coverage, not super thick, but not slippery... what is it? Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers lipstick (Halloween collection)! It even has a touch of purple iridescence! So glad I picked this up and a black lipstick!

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers lipstick at your local CVS, $1.99 currently 25% off!

Have you tried these?


Dao said...

Thank you, Ms. Yummy! I've been trying to find Fantasy Makers since the beginning of this month. Last year I got 2 e/s duos and they are really pigmented. Btw, the word verification is "gefixema" :)

urbanfrugalchick said...

Wow..maybe i will try it for pictures!

Faye said...

Wow! I love it!!! It looks really pretty on you, I dont think I would be brave enough to wear it though! Maybe just around the house! hehe

yummy411 said...

@ dao: i didn't even see shadow this year! ;( gotta stay on the look out.

@ urbanfrugalchick: yes! def an item for the kit/photoshoots!

@ faye: i'm with you, but also determined to make it work and wear it some where hehe!

(g)ezebel said...

hi, yummy..! i triple-dog-dare you to wear that lipstick to work... :0)

yummy411 said...

@ (g): g!!!! i love you~ you are back!! uhh triple dog dare me though??? hehehe