Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hard Candy at Walmart!

A little while ago, I got the word that Hard Candy would now be making its way to our local Walmarts. A high end brand, straight off the shelves of Sephora to our affordable Wally World!
Oooh yum! Painted Lady Manic Shine Intense lip color, Eye Tattoo and Balm Girls Tinted Lip Balms, Just Nails polish with the little plastic heart rings, Eye Candy shadows and Fortune Gloss with a tiny Magic 8 ball!

Delicious right? It could have been rumors or marketing intended for another area (as usual). Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my neighborhood Walmart:
No time to mourn the loss of Max Factor from US shores (or for Walmart staff to completely remove the Max Factor display)... Hard Candy has moved in! The line looks so fun and exhilirating! I didn't go snap happy at the display as I didn't want to look like the drugstore paparazzi =p I was drooling though, wanting to buy up everything!

Here's what I picked up: Bombshell (128) baked blush and Crush lipstick

I used Crush lipstick on this night out and FOTD
(Sweet! No animal testing!!)
Swatches: Bombshell blush on left, Crush lipstick on right

The Hard Candy baked blushes are .28oz compared to MAC baked mineralized blushes that are .11oz. Don't get me started on the price comparison! Well, Hard Candy baked blushes are $7. Yes, you read that right, $7.

The line's design is super cute with an Ed Hardy feel. I'm anxious to try more. As for the products I bought and tried, I'm loving them! You can use the blushes wet or dry. On me, the blush is pretty intense dry. The lipstick isn't super thick and creamy, but it does have a nice feel (not a lot of slip, thank goodness!) and great pigmentation. I think Crush might be a popular color (oh and she has a kick azz review of the line!)
Have you gotten your hands on any Hard Candy at your Walmart? Tell me, tell me all about it!


Caramel Diva said...

Wow I've never tried Hard Candy before but it looks amazing...I'm going to have to look for at my local Wal-mart!

Recessionista! said...

Hey honey! Thanks so much for the link! Also, I bought and reviewed "Crush" lipstick too and I am totally freaking out because in your pics, this shade looks like it's a bright pinkish-fuschia. You've got to see my review because I swear that the tube I have is a dupe of MAC "O", which is nothing like pink or fuschia. Do you think that Hard Candy labelled one of these with the wrong name? I just looked at your gorgous FOTD and it looks like you definitely are wearing a pinkish-fuchsia. That is so crazy! Look at my review and you'll see what I'm talking about. My tube and your tube are definitely two completely different colors!

Also, thanks for the review of the baked blushes--omg I wanted to get one so bad (I'm a blush freak) but I bought so much other stuff that I just couldn't afford it. I'm still making my way through testing everything...I'm on day two of the nail polish I reviewed and I'm LOVING this color "Mr. Wrong". You need to check that one out. Anyway, great review and I can't wait to see your next reviews after you've purchased more things. xoxo

Rai said...

I wonder if it's at any of Our Wal-Marts... I'm anxious to see it.

Max Factor is still in stocked and not mark down yet either. lol
The blushes look divine and are baked!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

How fun! This is the US equivalent of Barry M!

arTIAstry said...

I've never tried Hard Candy before. Hopefully you'll do an FOTD that will encourage me to explore this brand.

B said...

Hard Candy ain't even at my Wal-Mart yet. Ain't that some foolishness? I've got Illamasqua but not Hard Candy. HA!! Hope it comes soon b/c those blushes look niiiice.

Vanessa M. said...


Anonymous said...

Good news for all you Hard Candy lovers - I heard that will have full assortment available to buy online next week.

Dao said...

My neck of the woods always get things last. I'm glad this brand is coming and the price is right. HC was really overpriced at Sephora.

Shawna said...

I saw this last night and almost went crazy , but regained composure and decided to wait until I heard reviews!!! Thanks for doing one!!! I wanted to take pics too when I saw it but left my camera in the Van :0( I will be picking some up though!!

yummy411 said...

@ caramel diva: please do! hope to see it on your blog soon!

@ recessionista: get a baked blush! can't wait to see more of your reviews and oh yes... going to get mr wrong ASAP!

Willow said...

I was at Walmart this morning and noticed the Hard Candy promo on the store inserts. It peaked my interest so I went straight to the cosmetic aisles to check out the merchandise. I came away with only the "Nobody's Perfect" concealer palette in medium. Hm, there was a blush color that reminded me of Nars's Orgasm.