Friday, October 30, 2009

Black Opal True Tone Vitamin Rich Lipsticks

The Fall season brings out the bolder, deeper hues in cosmetics. I love Black Opal's cream stick foundations, but this time I decided to venture into the line to pick up some lipsticks with deeper hues.

I picked up Black Current, Wine Not and Ebony Wine. While these are new to me and interesting, these are 3 of the 10 shades permanently available in Black Opal's True Tone Vitamin Rich Lipstick line.

From l-r: Ebony Wine, Black Current and Wine Not

Black Current

Ebony Wine

The lipsticks have a bit of moisture, shine and rich pigment. The red really stain your lips (as you can see when I didn't line up the Black Current swatch and needed to wipe it off)!

Since my lip game isn't tight-- making sure there are no patches, that I've exfoliated my lips, etc., the pigment of the lipsticks aren't evenly spreaded over my lips.I'm going to prime my lips and make sure they are baby bottom smooth before trying these again.

Have you ever tried any of Black Opal's lipstick? Have a favorite color? Share! Want to try? Black Opal is now 25% off at CVS!


MakeupBliss said...

Hey Chickie! I love these lipsticks! I'm all about a bold lip.

Mz. More said...

These lippies look great on you. I may have to check them out.

B said...

I have neeever tried their lippies. Hmm....

Amina said...

I've never tried Black opal!! I need to find them asap at CVS!!
thank you for the swatches

Pumps and Gloss said...

I love Ebony Wine. I used to rock that with a shimmery lilac lipstick trying to recreate a MJB look back in the day...The texture is great!!