Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teen Yummy411: Goes to High School!

In light of this real teenage status my little sister has gained,
We must discuss:
1. Time management- check
2. Lipstick-check
3. Being responsible- check
4. Hair extensions- check
5. Decent nutrition in school- check
6. The birds and the bees- 0_O not where babies come from! The real 'you'll be an adult soon' talk..this is what really happens....uh, so don't go there!


Deborah Jones said...

Your sister is beautiful. Go on you for telling it like it is!!!

Shana said...

awwwww she's so pretty and all yall look just alike my goodness! Go on big sis - she will know how lucky she is/was to have you to lay it on the line!

yummy411 said...

@ deborah jones: thanks! yeh, i realized that i was never 'talked to' but its okay, that's what she has big sisters for. to school her early!

@ shana: thanks shana! i hope so. i know i can talk about, but i know she's gonna huff and puff about having to hear it. ha!

Connie De Alwis said...

your sis looking too cute! is that her school uniform?

lol. I don't think my parents gave me the proper talk either. just kinda learned as I grow up -- there's TV and internet!

sex ed isn't even encouraged here :-/