Monday, July 13, 2009


I didn't know what to call this post. I intended on just doing an FOTD listing the products that I used. However, when uploading them, none of them look to be what I saw on the image screen. All of the colors are washed out due to the lighting!
Ahh I guess I'll have to do what others do, go outside during day light and try to capture a pic. I think I forgot to replace my light bulbs with 'white' light to help with this issue. The flash didn't help.
What I can tell you that you see: I used NYX Milk shadow pencil for a base on the inner corner, I used my BECCA tinted moisturizer for my face and I'm wearing Patisserie lipstick from the MAC's Euristocrats collection.
If you have any questions, let me know. *sigh* How was your weekend? Spill it! I wanna hear!


Connie De Alwis said...

awh, such a sweet look on ya! and your skin looks great with only a tinted moisturizer. I did some shopping with mom over the weekend :) Spend some quality time while expanding my pitiful wardrobe

Jamilla Camel said...

Pretty in Pink!!

Askmewhats said...

I missed this look! So pretty!!!! I love this, very dainty!!!! I love how it complements your whole face! Fresh and vibrant

Amina said...

beautiful color!
This weekend, I mostly played the sims 3 and was being lazy :)

MakeupBliss said...

I love FOTD that features pinks and this one is very pretty on you! ::Sigh:: I still haven't been able to get my stubby little hands on that Euristocrats Collection because it's at a free standing store.

slvrlips said...

very pretty look!!! I'm loving how Becca's tinted moisturizer looks on your skin.

B said...

Yaaay! Yums is smiling!! That crease is poppin', yo!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I sooo need NYX's MILK Jumbo pencil in my life.......
Do you have a link for BECCA's line?? Are her products geared toward darker skintones? If you don't mind my email is mskgreenel[at]gmail[dot]com or you can reply on my blog. thanks


Anonymous said...

My weekend was fab - celebrated my birthday! =)

do tell yours!

yummy411 said...

@ connie: thanks, but i can't let the TM take all the credit.. ben nye's setting powder helps out a lot! QT with mom and clothes shopping are always good things to do on the weekend!

@ jamila and askmewhats: thank you!!

@ amina: thanks! i see you are consumed by the sims! i still can't get with it. i tried out one of the sims once, i got frustrated trying to keep up with the ppl, esp. since i could hardly keep up the ppl in my own real life household ha!

@ makeupbliss: thank you! don't worry. you'll get to see the collex soon!

@ slvrlips: thanks! i'm enjoying the TM too!

@ b: lol yes i smile too. my new crease color... a post i def have to do!

@ kendall: do get the milk pencil in your life or a stark white to work with. hey you've got mail!

@ tokyostargirl: aww happy belated bday!!! as for me, i went to one of my son's bball practices for the first time. it was so much fun seeing the little pip squeaks play basketball and be on defense! lol!!

Milan Angel said...

You look great! Very pretty.