Monday, July 20, 2009

NYX Copper Blush

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On Twitter, Seymone asked me for a swatch of NYX Copper blush. This is what I shared and I thought to share it with you guys too!

Isn't it so pretty?


Seymone said...

Kia.. I ordered that baby and it will be here tomorrow.I am sure it is going to look fab. Did you get warm blend yet?

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

thats really pretty! im excited to see you use it!!

Anonymous said...

I have this blush and I LOVE IT!!

Connie De Alwis said...

oohh... it is very very pretty! :D

Rai said...

Love NYX Powder Blushes!!

Amina said...

It is precious!!
I need to get warm blend

yummy411 said...

@ seymone: can't wait to see it on you. i haven't gotten warm blend yet. needed to let the bank account recoup! lol

@ sara: this blush will get some love soon!

@ bianca: great! what are you other fav nyx blushes?

@ connie: i think so too!

@ rai: what's ur fave nyx blush?

@ amina: you and me both!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Pinky and Cinnamon is ok too... the Powder Mosaic blushes are awesome too. I have Dare and Love.

Rai said...

My TOP favorite is Raisin. =D

sbobet said...

thanks ysboou for arsbochive