Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Impressions of Maybelline Super Stay Foundation

The other day, I told you guys that I finally was able to snag a bottle of the new, little known about Maybelline foundation called Super Stay Foundation. Well, some of you want to know what this foundation is all about in time to catch it while Maybelline is BOGO this weekend at CVS. Really, this is for you Sara, the Makeup Snob ;)

I'm giving my first impressions because I really don't think I've spent enough time with the foundation to give it a fair review. Sorry, I couldn't get this up last night. Fridays are horribly busy for me and I'm trying to sneak this one in before a photoshoot!

My take: This is Maybelline's answer to the ever so popular Revlon Color Stay Foundation. They are very similar in wear and coverage (long wearing, medium to heavy coverage, pigmented). So I'm thinking if you like Revlon, you'll love Maybelline's version just as well. Promising claims from Maybelline- oil free, zero transfer, 24 hour wear... So far so good! The claims seem to be true with my light testing, with the exceptions of my reservations with oil free claim (I'll go in depth or have a firm stance on the issues in a real review).

The down side for me: Even though it's oil free, my combination skin was a bit more dewy than my liking after a long day's wear (but for those of you that read this blog know that I'm not one for much shine of any kind. I like SHEEN, lol!). I'm not keen on foundation colors from Maybelline. I don't have a Maybelline foundation where I like the color or feel it's a great match. I know for most African American skintones, mixing foundation colors is almost a way of life for us, but I'm never worried of the color being a bit too gray or a bit too pink, even in the tan shade of Honey Beige.

Overall: If you have a safe foundation color match from Maybelline and you love the wear of Revlon's Color Stay foundation, be sure to snag a bottle of this! Didn't catch it this time on sale at CVS? Be sure to check it out at Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond or Wal Mart for better selection and price!


Recessionista! said...

Oooh, thanks for the review! I'm going to mention this in my weekly roundup--it's the first good review of this product that I've seen! :)

Dao said...

I think Maybelline foundation is catered to people with normal to dry skin. I tried the Dream Satin liquid and it's really good but for the sake of my face, I still use mineral foundation.

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

yay! mwah!!!! You are fantastic. Thank you:)
I appreciate you posting this so soon for me! I kinda worry about oil at the end of the day, but most foundation is that way for me anyway... I think Ima still pick it up.... thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review. One less thing to try on my list!

yummy411 said...

@ recessionista: thank you!! i haven't seen any reviews at all =( where have you found reviews?

@ dao: i think you're right =(

@ sara: just for you!

@ juvenescent: lol!