Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gilette Venus Embrace Product Review

Gillette's Venus Embrace is a dream, smoothing legs, getting every hair with the least amount of effort.  The Embrace has 5 curve hugging blades and protective ribbons of moisture, ensuring soft silky legs after a quick shave.  Included in the package you will receive a shower pod and two cartridges for future use.  If you want your best shave and silky smooth skin afterwards, Venus Embrace is for you.  However, please do not: trickle some water on it, to do a semi dry shave, after work, on the run, before your self tanning lotion application, before a happy hour meetup.  Yeh. Ouch. Embarrassing.

*Ladies with sensitive skin (especially under the arms) beware.  Rubbing blades across the skin can be irritating.  Five times the contact with blades on the skin with the Venus Embrace may make for a terrible reaction.


Brooke said...

Oh how I hate shaving! I have not tried this shaver. I still use my old Pink Daisy ones - lol!

Tine said...

I love this shaver. It gives a really close shave, although I can get accidents if I'm not careful :p

yummy411 said...

@ brooke: lol whatever works girl lol!!

@ tine: hi tine!! yeh you do have ot be careful! ;) how've you been?