Monday, December 01, 2008

Yummy411: Happy Blog-a-versary Ren!

Hey all! Ren was having a wonderful contest to help celebrate her blog's one year anniversary that ended today. She wanted a video of us mimicking her doing one of her looks. I wanted to enter (Go A Design brushes!), but with the holiday and not figuring out YouTube I didn't enter. However, here's the look I was going to do my video on, based on Ren's look here. I've been obsessed with blue and gold looks, so this one was my choice! I hope I brought enough drama with this look to do it up like Ren would.

Happy Blog-a-versary Ren!

Bobbi Brown Oil Free Liquid Foundation (4.5)
MAC MSF Natural Medium Dark (half of natural/shimmer duo)
Shimmer half for highlighting
Cover Girl Queen Collection Bronze Light mineral bronzer contouring

1st base concealer, lash to brow
2nd base, Loreal HiP paint in Steely on lid only
Loreal HiP duo in Roaring- brown side in crease, blue side in outer v and crease and lower lid
Reflects Antique Gold pigment on lid, inner corner and lower lid
Scant eyeshadow (neutral light shade) from Holiday '08 Smokey Eyes palette on inner corner and highlight
Sassi #101 eye lashes (my most challenging set to date!)
Brows- cork and swiss chocolate e/s and a touch of concealer for shaping

NYX lip liner in Natural shades on lips (thanks Apple Diva!)
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 313 (Linen Beige?)

My sister (Toni): "What stripper pole are you riding tonite?"

( sorry, finger prints on my lens?)


Connie said...

Oh wow, you're looking really glamorous, Kia! totally digging the faux lashes. And you're definitely on the dot with that Ren pose.

Congratulations Ren!

Tina Marie Online said...

Oh my, this looks is just STUNNING. You definitely nailed this look girl. I love it.

B said...

OMG!!! It's YummyTV!! You look soooo pretty. I am lovin' this look! No really. I'm not even playin'. Soooo pretty, Kia!

Congrats to Ren! And what a great contest!

MakeupBliss said...

Gorgeous! I love this dramatic look!

MakeupByRenRen said...

OMG!!!! I love this look way better than mine! Dang mama, can you do that look on me? If you had a video girl, you could have definitely been a contender!

Jamila said...

S.I.C.K.! I'm speechless. You know that's a rarity for me!

Avartsy said...

HOT MAMA! Your sister was right, 'what stripper pole are you riding 2nite huh? You had to extra extra pro on us this time...if u can, a step by step tut would be mighty nice!
I hope u had somewhere to wear this look to ;-)

Amina said...

you loook amaazing!!! I loove, loove loove the look!!!
Can you give us a step by step tutorial? pleeease?

gotta love the video and the badass look at the end!!

Sass said...

Girl! I've been neglecting my makeup but you make me want to hop right back into it! This look is sooooooooo pretty, I love it!!! You did an awesome job as usual! You need to come to NY and beat my face lol

Baby Doll said...

AOOOOOOOOOOW Miss Yummy! You look FAB! I absolutely love it! Keep doing your thing!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Love it!!!

And cute vid and sure Ren was so happy...She's the best!

yummy411 said...

@ connie and tina marie online: thanks!!

@ b: thank you!! *blushing* isn't it a fab contest? i'm a loser for not figuring out editing and music.. all the things that make ren's vid tuts great!

@ makeupbliss: thank you!!

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you!! i sooo wish i could have entered... i'm just not youtube savvy =p i'll get there one day!

@ jamila: LOL THANK YOU!

@ avartsy: LOL... thank you!! i'll see what i can do! oh no, no where to wear the look, but to the makeup remover session!

@ amina: LOL! requests! cool. i'll try to get it up soon.

@ sass: awwww! thanks! i swear we need an NY meet up! i'm willing to travel!

@ baby doll: where have you been girl?? thank you!!!

@ jamie: thank you!!

MzBrowneyez901 said...

So cute! Love that look....keep up the good work.

rockSTARbeauty said...

i love this have very pretty eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Forget the lashes, I'm loving what you did with the eyeshadow! How did you get that metalic look? Did you foil the pigment, or is that just the effect of the camera's flash? Either way, it looks amazing!

Couturesista said...

This my fav look from u! You look smokin! The lashes are FIERCE!

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Fabulous! Your eyes look amazing. On of the best FOTD's in a while!!

Groovy Black Chick said...


Product Junkie Diva said...

I think you look great, love the eye makeup. I couldn't pull it off but you did a great job.

Shawna said...

Girl I soo Love this Look it is beyond Fierce!!! And your Locs are getting so Long!!! I Just picked my Locs out I was sooo Bored with them!! Anyways thanks for stopping by and for leaving the nice comments Be Blessed!

Brigitte said...

OMG! Gorgeous!

Toma said...

This look is SO BEAUTIFUL on you. I know you've heard it a million times, but you have the most gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

WINNER! Goodness, this is a new side of Yummy. :)

yummy411 said...

@ mzbrowneyes901 and rockSTARbeauty: thanks!!!

@ mandy: heeey!!!! you know what? you are right. i forgot that part =p i will edit to add that i 'foiled'(used it wet) antique gold reflects glitter. thank you!!

@ couture sista: thank you!!! i always use my fun lashes on models so i pulled them out for me this time!

@ katee: thanks chica!

@ groovy black chick and pjd: thanks ladies!! lol i don't know where i'd wear the lashes though!

@ shawna: thanks!! wait! you picked what??? say it ain't so. i ain't mad at ya. i get that feeling every now and again. i just want to see them at their fullest potential so i'm waiting. however, when i get to the point that i want to get rid of them i most certainly will do another big CHOP! kudos to you!

@ brigitte: thanks! love your blog!!

@ toma: thanks!! coming from you makes the compliment all the sweeter ;)

@ juvenescent: LOL thanks! girl i just never have a reason to bust all out and get glamourous. even on special occassions i'm like 'oh i'm doing too much' LOL...

Felicia said...

soooo fly! loves it!!!!

Jovon Higgins said...

I love it! You should have your own show, store or cosmetic line! By the way thanks for the comments and do you have family in the burgh? The next time you come through look me up!

Tysh said...

I love this look

Join the Gossip said...

That look is perfect for the holidays!

Fashion's Darling said...

you look beautiful!! great job

Bsquared86 said...

Gorgeous look!