Sunday, December 07, 2008

Yummy411: Drugstore Paparazzi November/December 2008

Just sharing some things I found at my local drugstore.

I wanted Lancome's new mascara with glitter, but it didn't prove to be as fascinating as trying Ardell's falsies with built in glitter! Save quite a few dollars and get REAL sparkle!

Then I found this...

Cute inexpensive makeup sets for the budding beauty maven! Makeup kits by Makeup Goddess (Rite Aid).

One large set.

One smaller set.. both $4.99? I guess so!

New Arissa glitters!


New Stiletto Mascara from Maybelline.... another lengthening mascara??? Why not another fabulous volumizing mascara??? Ah these companies just don't get it!

Sort of a close up of the display's mascara wand. Have any of you tried this?

Finally, I get to see Ellen Degeneres putting in work for CoverGirl! I know I don't need the moisture that this product offers, but I'm so curious! Tried this?

Let me know if you seen any of this? Tried it?


Dao said...

OMG, the Ellen stuff is out already? I love Ellen! Too bad CG uses animal testings on their products :(

Those mascara people need to hire us as consultants. We'll definitely point them to the right direction: volumizing, not lengthening! Btw, I don't see any lengthening mascaras that work though. They either clump or flake or smudge like crazy on me.

Yas said...

Arissa makes glitter? I always need glitter so those are worth checking out. TY sweetie!

Kimberly Tia said...

I'm a lash/falsie addict!!! GaSp!!

Look at all these yummy products you're showing, and here I am trying to REFRAIN from buying anymore goodies for my self!! EEK!

Connie said...

So many goodies at your drugstore! I got bored with the stuff at my drugstores :( The lashes look fabulous!

B said...

I'm still on the fence about that Stiletto mascara. It just hasn't called my name yet. LMAO! Those Arrisa glitters are so freakin' pretty. And Yums---stay away from mascaras with glitters. They are deadly.

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow look at all the goodies! i haven't been to the local drugstore in a while...but i do need toner...might have to check it out when i get paid!

sarahPUFFY said...

for the bigger makeup set...could you tell if it was possible to take it out for travel, instead of carrying the whole goddamn box? I want to get it but I don't see it on the rite aid website. :(

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

the mascaras with glitter have never worked for me but all the other items look tempting............Duane Reade better watch out, I'm coming through.

kristen leigh photography said...

Your blog is so fun! If I ever need make-up help, I know who to call!

SuzieC said...

I've only seen the lashes at my CVS. I'm on the fence about getting them since I suck at putting on lashes.

yummy411 said...



@ dao: i didn't realize that about CG. the only lengthening mascara that's worked for me was CG lashexact oh and voluminous gives me volume and length!

@ yas: you're welcome!

@ kimberly tia: holiday time is the hardest time to try to refrain from buying for yourself!

@ connie; you know, i always thought glitter lashes were a touch tacky but they always look so fun in pics! i want to try some!!

@ b: yeh the mascara definitely didn't call to me as its only purpose is to lengthen.. booo!! i am definitely opting for false lashes with glitter rather than mascara!

@ makeupbyrenren: be sure to share what you haul!

@ sarahPuffy: both palettes look very reasonable for traveling... the big one is still flat and a good option for traveling!

@ mrs. young fashion: aww duane read.... man we don't have that here!

@ kristen leigh photography: thanks a bunch! i'd love to work with you again!

@ suziec: you sure?? that halloween fotd was fab WITH the lashes!!

jeSmakeup said...

those new makeup is soo cute.. where can i get them at? wut site? i set u an email to the invite! check ur email =)

Yannize said...

oh my godur the ultimate drugstore stalker! haha
i love those ardell know we ride or die by the ardell..ima pick some up for new years!

Grayburn said...

Cute things! I heard that the mascara isn't that good but I would love to know from you if you decide to give it a try.

x Grayburn

Fashion's Darling said...

hmm i really want to try out that mascara but haven't heard anything special about it.

Anonymous said...

I have to commend Cover Girl on choices like Queen Latifah and now, Ellen Degeneres. I hope they start using more normal-looking celebrities in the future, as the models they've used in the past are mostly forgettable.

Calming Corners said...

Haven't been to the drug store in a while, you make me want to go and look around. Haven't been to your blog in a while love the layout.

Keep up the great work!