Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yummy411: Smashbox Ultimate Beauty Palette

An Ulta exclusive! Yum!
Ulta's description:
Smashbox Ultimate Beauty Palette ($59) A must have eye, cheek and lip color palette with nearly 100 shades of Smashbox favorites! Take your look from daytime chic to evening drama flawlessly. Perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself. Palette includes:
70 shadows
8 cream eyeliners
8 lipglosses & 4 lipcolors
2 blush shades
brow tech
soft lights
4 brushes

Hmmm good deal? Or comprised quality? Find it here.


Dao said...

Wow, that's a nice palette! It's bigger than Sephora Blockbuster palette I think. Good price too! I did the tag today, now you can stop looking at me like that 8-p

Trent said...

From a designer's perspective, that palette looks freakin' sweet!

Amina said...

so gorgeous...offers more than sephora blockbuster..
are you getting it?

Connie said...

that looks so tempting!! even the eye liners themselves look enticing although wouldn't they dry out pretty quick?

MakeupByRenRen said...

i heard that some of the color is it doesn't swatch as pigmented...but that's nothing a good base couldn't fix

Anonymous said...

I have found with many of the Smashbox sets and special edition products that they are made in China and are of inferior quality. I will now only buy Smashbox if I can inspect the actual product and make sure that the makeup is made in the USA or a European country. The reason is that over the years I have discovered that the Smashbox products made in China are just not as good and additionally I am very suspect of any makeup or beauty products made in China. Also I find it very offensive that Smashbox wants to sell a box of makeup for a high retail price that was made in China and probably cost them chump change to produce. If they want to charge department store prices then they need to offer department store quality.

The Avartsy Poverty Foundation said...

@ anon's comment, that's interesting to know that Smashbox produces some products in China...if indeed it is true, then 59 bucks is a rip off, just when I was contemplating getting the palette...:-(

Katee said...

Interesting perspective from Anon! Wonder if it is true?

Alyssia said...

I have never been a big fan of smashbox...Never really found any of their products HG worthy so I stay away from them, but this seems like it may be a decent deal. But there's another palette I have seen allll over Youtube that I'm thinking about grabbing. Check my blog for it...

Alyssia said...

Sorry girlie lol, didn't realize I hadn't published it. It's there now! =)

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey chica,

as soon as you mentioned doing a photography post i already started making notes, wanna do a feature together next week? we can link to each other's blogs

Danielle said...

I love makeup palette's. You get everything you need in this one little box! And the price isn't that bad either.

jeSmakeup said...

looks good.. r u goin get it? do a review if u do !

yummy411 said...

@ dao: surprised about this coming from smashbox too! thanks for sharing in your tag!

@ trent: it is sweet right? i like how you are finding the male perspective on beauty posts around the blogosphere =)))

@ amina: i'll have to try it out first and make sure the quality isn't compromised =/

@ anon: thanks so much for sharing your perspective!! yes that's why i need to swatch the set myself in person!

@ the avartsy poverty foundation: i haven't given up on it yet, just want to swatch it for myself!

@ katee: i wonder too.

@ alyssia: i know! i've found myself underwhelmed also. however, every now and again there's a diamond in the rough like the artificial light, brushes, primer and some shadows. thanks! i'll have to check the video out!

@ makeupbyrenren: i emailed you!

@ danielle: i know! now we have to see if the product is up to par.. hmmm

@ jesmakeup: i'll have to check the quality of the goods first, but if i end up with it i'll def do a review!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

I don't think this is worth the price. $59? That's a lot of change:)