Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yummy411: I Barack-ed the Vote!

(Steeler fan on the Metro wearing the Terrible Towel as a cape =p)

The eve of the election, I watched the Redskins vs. Steelers game. Mainly because I'm a 'Skin and KidYum is half Steeler. The 'Skins have picked up the pace a bit, so this was to be a serious game for all involved. Also, there is a theory that's been around for a long time. The game before election usually determines the election: If Washington wins, the incumbent party wins the election. If Washington loses, the opposing party wins. In this case, as much as I hate to see the 'Skins lose, I'll rest on the theory this time around.

I got the old school sticker, hahaa!

My cousin, who's a senior in high school (no not the one in the black turban hat!), was working our polling station! She's old enough to vote so I was excited that she was participating in this historical event in more than one way! She's shying away from pics now, but she'll be grateful later on that I snapped this!
I did pencil and paper, yes I did!
Coincidentally, I met my Dad at the polls! Say cheese Dad! I went midday, so it took me all of 5 mins. Heavy traffic for poll-goers was early morning and after work.

The rain didn't stop me. Nothing would! I VOTED!.... in my Cherry Blossom gloss and So Ceylon MSF!

We couldn't go to the polls in the Barack- wear, but my Dad put his hat on as soon as we left!


Shawnta said...

AWWWWWWW Go Kia and Daddy Yum!! LOL! There you go moving on to So Ceylon and making jealous! Did you wear purple on the eyes? Most have been a purple day today.

Amina said...

aaaw...Daddy Yum was so happy too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Barack is our new President!

Thank you for at least admitting who you're voting for on your blog. I hate how some folks are playing this neutral shit and not discussing who they're voting for; why hide it? So long as you voted, be proud, y'know?

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww you and your dad are so cute! i'm glad you were able to celebrate this momentous day together

SuzieC said...

Aww...the family Yum all out Baraking the vote! When did you get So Ceylon missy!?

yummy411 said...

@ shawnta: LOL yeh.. i figured i have it.. might as well put it to use. yes indeed it was a purple day!

@ amina: yes he was. his side of the family never gets really emotional about much, so this was a lot for him.

@ mandypandy: hooray! hooray! yes having the right to vote is something that wasn't always a 'right'. back when blacks got the right to vote, they were required to read and write- something that all wasn't able to do well. during registration, they were given the Constitution to read. today it's our right to vote and vote for whomever! to each his own as i know politics are very devisive, but i barak-ed the vote yesterday!!

yummy411 said...

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks! i'm glad we were able to as well. such an historic event!

@ suziec: yes we were! i got so ceylon before petticoat, right when sheer minerals or whatever the collections called (lol) came out. the collector in me wanted it more than anything.. but it is pretty and glowy!

marisol said...

hells yeah! Yes we can!

microbrother said...


I’m proud of you for making your mark in history and involving your family in that auspicious event.

ilurvemakeup said...

You are too sweet, thanks for checking up :) I'm always lurking hehe

I should of joined on that patriot look many of you lovelies were doing awhile ago. I guess Obama motivated me to wear blue lol I hate blue on me :|

I'm still so pumped about the turn out and been so happy since! :) Oh I also added some smashbox in my wishlist. Too broke for this month, boo :(

Danielle said...

I'm still upset that I didn't get an 'I Voted' sticker :-(

yummy411 said...

@ marisol: yes we did!!

@ microbrother: thank you! i'm glad i could do it in your honor, my grandfathers and all of those before me who died for us and fought for us to have this opportunity to vote and have a black president!!

@ ilurvemakeup: yes your participation would have been great but then or now your fotd is great!

yummy411 said...

@ danyelle: the morning of the election, i was so envious of ppl walking around with those stickers. then we were so excited after voting, we walked away but had to go back for our stickers!!! LOL! thanks for dropping by my blog. don't be a stranger!

R said...

I wish we had this much passion and interest in politics in the UK! No fair!