Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yummy411: Spook Your Face Contest

Jaimie of JustKissNMakeup challenged the blogosphere to a Halloween contest- Spook Your Face Contest. Here's my entry!

Hahaa! I know, I know.. bootleg, but you get the picture! I would like to thank my production team, esp. my sister with the scary vocals that the kids love- mocking and laughing at it! My first YT vid!

Here's what I used:
CVS Halloween Makeup
-Makeup Crayons (black and white)
-White face paint
Blacktrack fluidline
Carbon e/s
a makeup wedge
3 brushes- Essence of Beauty crease brush, a Sonia Kashuk lip or small concealer brush and an art store liner brush

I was fretting doing this challenge because it made me step outside of my comfort zone. I'm glad I did because it was fun and got me interested in trying some other looks! Petrilude and Miss Chevious are the bombs!!

Here are the other ladies that are spooking their faces:
Betty Brown's Beautfication and Banter
Black Vixen Beauty
Clumps of Mascara
Coup de Coeur
Diva 4 Less
Just Kiss 'N Makeup
Lady Jane


Seymone said...

I love everything.. U should definitely start doing utube videos.

Askmewhats said...

girl, you are too cool! LOL I won't be able to recognize you!!!!

Tina Marie Online said...

Hehehe. Your video made me giggle. You definitely nailed this spooky look. Great job. :D

Anonymous said...

you got this!

that contest prize is yours for sure!

Dao said...

Oh man, I am going to lose sleep tonight. That is one heck of a scary face girl! I'm wondering how long it took you to remove the makeup, I mean, face paint :)

Amina said...

I loooove it!!!

Connie said...

you look amazingly spooky! Great work, Kia! I just did a halloween look too but nowhere near scary. lol. I'll be rooting for you to win!

Jaimie said...

i love it its great! im going to extend the contest tho! thanks for getting yours in!!! said...

First time dropping by your blog and I'm seeing this already???!! LOL

Great work, girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hot damn, that's brilliant! But you're going to have to do a glow-in-the-dark version if you want to really creep us out! OooOooOoo, spooky!

<3 Shawnta said...

Woah I wouldn't know it was you at all! You did a great job! You put MAC pitiful skeleton to shame!!!!

slvrlips said...

I'm loving the youtube video. You did a great job!!!
Very cool!!! Was this look very time consuming?

MakeupByRenRen said...

LOL yay at the video! keep it coming girl!

The Avartsy Poverty Foundation said...

you are an absolute amazing fright to!
I bet you cldn't go wrong with make-up even if u tried. Love it lady, love it!!!!!

Tammy said...

Great job!! The video is

Ms. Behaving said...


If not for those beautiful eyes of yours, I would have SWORN you put someone else up to this!!! :-)

Great job!!

yummy411 said...

@ seymone: thanks sis! i *guess* i would like to do vids, but the kid is just not having it. i had to put him 'away' just to get some silence for the 22 sec vid!

@ askmewhats: thank you! i showed my sis the pics and she didn't know it was me!

@ tina marie online: thanks girlie!!is it corny that my own vid makes me and the kids laugh?!

@ anon: thank you!!!

@ dao: i was fretting taking off the mask as much as i was about doing this challenge period, but seriously. it took 2 a dove wipes with a little extra water to remove all of that! black track and all! easy!

@ amina: thanks honey! gorg? lol thanks!!!

@ connie: thanks! i saw your look! i don't know which side is better! i love all of it.. and that lip color on you is out of the norm .. and FAB!

@ jaimie: no prob! it was fun!

@ ebeautyblog: thanks!! thanks for dropping by! don't be a stranger ;)

@ mandypandy: thanks lady!! oooh great idea! i've got glow in the dark nail polish too!

@ shawnta: awww! thanks! the mac skelton was a major part of my inspiration!!

@ slvrlips: thanks! the look wasn't time consuming at all. i mean it took about an hour or a bit less cuz i was trying to figure out how this could look right where and what have you....

@ makeupbyrenren: thanks chica! oh gosh i'll never be able to get on your level!

@ the avartsy poverty foundation: awww thanks sooo much! but i do go wrong all the time! i just post the times i feel i've gotten it right LOL!

@ tammy: thank you!!!

@ ms. behaving: thank you!!!!!!!!!

imee said...

omg i did so well... i didn't recognize u at all. at first glance i thought to myself, "oh cool, she's featuring someone."

Joi said...

Great look! Perfect for Halloween!

Scandalous Beauty said...

That's terrifying!!! lol...great jobs Yums!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Yay!!! You are on Youtube tooo!!! Now...I'll be awaiting MANY tutorials...:)

Great Face!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking me out hun! Your look is super scary! Loved it girl!

Vanessa said...

I love this look! I think you'll definitely win, this is so spooky! I like how you had your back turned first and then it's like BLAM!

SuzieC said...

This is HOT!!

Gangstarr Girl said...

Yooooooooo!!!!! This is hot! I'd totally run away from you. This is crazy spooky lol.

Anonymous said...