Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yummy411: NARS How-to-Videos

Since we are on a NARS kick around here at Yummy411, I wanted to share these how-to vids with you all from NARS; one on cheeks and one on skin. I love NARS blushes are my favorite from them and skin is always uber important to a look. Check them out! They are clear and short, a pro's way on doing it right!

A Beautiful Cheek:

A Healthy, Radiant Complexion:

Do these help? Do you like videos like these?


Anonymous said...

God, do I ever hate Daria Werbowy. Why, Nars, why?!?

slvrlips said...

ok now I'm really ashamed that I don't have any NARS products? I need to seriously look into this brand.

Amina said...

I loove the videos..
if i could have all NARS blushes, i would!! I cherish the ones i have :)
they're so pigmented and gorgeous

Beauty 365 said...

great vids! NARS blushes are *amazing* -- I fall in love all over again when i put them on ;)

Great post, btw.

p.s. - do you have a fav NARS blush?

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