Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yummy411: L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo and Conditioner

I love hair products, but being 1 year locked, many products aren't designed for my hair type. Who else loves hair products? Why my sister Toni! She tried the new L'Oreal Vive Pro hair products. Read more to see what she has to say:

Hello All! Since I've been free of the "Creamy Crack" ( relaxer), I've been trying out products to see what works best on my hair. After having a relaxer for so long, I'm having to learn my hair in it's natural state all over again. So, I was excited about trying out L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss (Pearl Complex). The particular regimen that I used says it is to be used on medium to long hair that's damaged. Ok, so my hair is medium length and not necissarily damaged; though my ends could use a little trimming :-) Therefore, my thoughts are that this product should really work wonders on my hair.

Here are a couple of the claims that had me sold:

Shampoo- "Nutri Gloss with a Nedw Pearl Protrein Complex protects hair against damage as it boosts shine and infuses touchable softness.

*Gently cleanses withought weighing hair down
*Nourishes hair for greater strength
*Ignites glossy, healthy shine

Conditioner- New Nutri Gloss Conditioning Treatment for medium to long hair that's damaged with a pearl protein complex:

*Transforms lifeless hair into vibrant and healthy-looking hair.
*Delivers lightweight moisture that conditions medium to long hair without weighing it down.
*Imparts sparkling brillance from root to tip.

After trying this product I was disappointed because my hair actually looked more dull than when I use my usual products. There was no touchable softness, and since my hair is not damaged, I wasn't looking for this to make my hair look less damaged. Now, in this product's defense, the directions on the conditioner advise weekly use for best results or more frequent use on extra dull or damaged hair. However, based on my initiaI results, I am not encouraged to try this product more frequently, if at all. I think another contributing factor may be that this product isn't made for natural (chemical free) hair or even African American hair...and I have both. So, before you decide whether or not you'd like to consider using this product, take those two things into consideration. It may work better for someone of a different hair make up. Overall, this isn't the product for me. I'm still searching. Any suggestions for a chemical free girl in search of a product that will give shine and touchable softness? I'm all ears :-)


The Caramel Goddess said...

I am lazy at relaxing my hair when I should. I used WEN haircare and it made my hair soft because it doesn't have the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that strips hair of moisture. I have some if you want to try it and by some I mean a lot. I like trying different products but its great when I'm in my lazy hair mood.

Aprecia said...

Hey yummy. I never tried this one before. Currently I am using Organix coconut shampoo and it's sulfate free and it smells sooo wonderful! It makes my hair really smooth.

I am a lurker on your blog and I just made one not long ago and I hope you dont mind if I add you on my blog roll. Add me back if you like.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I used Wen myself and posted on it several times. I like that it has many uses, it is your conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner, leavein and moisturizer all in one bottle. And of course I love the fact that is is sulfate free. However I have moved away from when when I came upon another sulfate free product that did something no other products had done for me, it made my hair SHINY. I mean I actually walk away with soft, flowy, shiny hair. I have been using the Aveda damage remedy line ever since. I air dry my hair so there is no heat involved and it still comes out really really well.
Now I am a recovering product junkie so I am still trying other things and I have a bunch of products at home that I have not used yet but I always go back to the aveda line. That damage rememdy treatment is great, I think that is probably the most powerful thing in the line. I have the giovanni shampoo and conditioner which is also sulfate free but i have not used it yet so I can't recommend it. Feel free to check out the hair section on my blog where you will find some of the products i have used. Or you can email me if you want to talk hair products :-) Oh and another site is thecoilreview.com it's all about natural hair so you may find soemthing there also.
I will soon start trying to make a conditioner for myself using shea butter as the foundation ingredient. If all goes well, shoot even if it doesn't go well I will post about it.
Happy Hair Care!

SuzieC said...

It's been years since I've used Loreal shampoo or conditioners. I left them alone after they dried my hair out so bad my hair felt like straw.

naptress said...

Be careful of using creamy products on your locs...you could get a build-up on them...I used to own a natural hair salon in cinti..now relocated to portland or....the majority of my business was locs...the more natural the products the better..

Eleanor said...

I too have a big collection of beauty products of this brand.