Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yummy411: Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

My new fun and flirty fragrance? Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel. The cute L.A.M.B fragrance is one of 5 delectable perfumes housed in doll shaped bottles. Lil Angel is a school girl, yellow bandana, knee high socks and shiny black shoes. Notes of pineapple, pear blossom, lollipop accord (uhhh?), hinoki wood and crystal amber makes this a delight... seriously! I'm personally a lover of Aquolina Pink Sugar. If you like that, like I do this and the other fragrances are right up your alley. Lil Angel is classified as a fruity floral. Spunky, but warm enough for the Fall. A winner in my book!

If you haven't already, check out the others!

"LOVE"- a sensual floral- pink pomelo, hydroponic lace rose and creamy vanilla orchid at it's base.

"MUSIC"- a delicate floral- among many of its notes are sparkling pear, sweetpea, vanilla and sleek woods.

"BABY"- a powdery musk- among the many notes, white rose, orange flower and white musk, vanilla and violet make up this lullaby.

"G"- a modern gourmand- some of the notes include: fresh coconut, jasmine sambac, soft freesia, white sandalwood and cotton woods.

In the Harajuku Lovers World, each of them has her own personality (does Fafi come to mind?) While I love Lil Angel, I want the whole set ($60) to have a bit of each! Can you really resist Baby and her afropuffs? Each retails $25-$45.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorites? Another hit in Scentville for Gwen Stefani?


nilla cookie said...

I LOVE all the Harajuku Lovers!! My fave I think is Lil' Angel and second fave is "Love". I think I'll get good use out of all the Lovers.. they love me as much as I love them :)


B said...

Hmm, I think I'll head on over to Sephora after work and check these babies out. They are sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Huge Pink sugar fan!
G sounds nice. I was eyeballing these at Sephora online but still unsure.

Anonymous said...

Saw these tucked into a corner at Sephora on Wednesday. I forgot to go over there and sniff them.

rebecca said...

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