Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yummy411: Sephora Visit and Finds

The other day when I went to MAC and talked the MA to death, I had previously gone over to Sephora. One of my closest MAC freestanding stores is right next door to Sephora.... a beautiful hell I tell you!

I perused the aisles and came across the Dior display. I always like to see the newest collection's special edition items. They are all beautiful, but nothing draws me in like the lip products. A few years ago I had a special Dior lip gloss, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Linen Beige. Full of shine and dimensional shimmer, but in a comfortable nude shade. I loved it to pieces, but what I didn't love was the doe foot applicator and the taste that it left in my mouth. I've since let it collect dust in the bottom of a purse. Besides, at times it didn't fulfill my need to feel gloss on my lips after two hours and the grittiness of the shimmer sometimes bothered me. This time at Sephora, I tried on the gloss, it actually has a brush and not much of that bad taste! Super excited. These improvements definitely helped me to bypass the grittiness and the somewhat thin formula of the Dior Ultra Gloss. I want more (eeek @ the $24.50 price tag)!

Next, I spotted the Makeup Forever Flash Colors. The same vibrant little pots I saw in the catalogue previously. (I love Sephora catalogues!) So exciting to see rich color! I had to take a stab and swatch. I swiped the fuchsia color on the back of my hand. *Apprehension looms and stifles my investigation any further* The formula is slick like paint, despite MUFE's claim that the formula is thick. I can't remember if I let it dry completely, but it stained my hand like a red lipstick when I went to remove it! Hmmmm, I decided that I'd keep my eye out for any application ideas or ways to work with this. I wasn't totally won over to spend the dollars. Ha! Vanessa read my mind twice over!! Check out her swatches and application (beautiful work!) From her experience, it confirmed that I'm not interested in buying them.. yet. She even tried it with my saving grace UDPP (It's the reason I love paint pots now). I just bought some McQueen collection items so as you can see, most things usually take some growing on me.

Lastly, after perusing the brushes (gotta find the MAC dupes or anything to help build the brush arsenal) and quickly scanning for any items that caught my eye, I settled on the tarte cheek stains...LOVE. Man, they have all different colors, bronzers, oh my! I so want more! But I resisted as my true excursion was made for the paint pots @ MAC! Now they have these delicious swirl stains. Is it swirled color and shimmer or...?? Oh I've got to know and check it out! Have any of you checked it out? Any feedback?? A seriously inquiring mind would like to know!

I just wanted to share that with you if any of you are on a makeup binge, trying to get your high at Sephora. Now you know what to definitely take a look at and what to be skeptical of, LOL!


MakeupByRenRen said...

my roomie once got me 2 dior lipglosses for x-mas (i think she got them for free as gift with purchase, lol) and i absolutely loveddd them, i used them to the last drop...and now that they have a new applicator, i'm sold!

Seymone said...

OMG.. I love the Tarte cheek stain.. I swipped it on me in the store and I was like yeah whatever. I left and then looked at my skin and was like dayum. I will go back and pick up bronze goddess and another one..

(g)ezebel said...

doh! i bought 6 of the MUF flash colors online. they stain?? ugh. i'm not so sure i like that. MAC's paint pots don't stain (i loooove paint pots!!)

that tarte cheek stain looks like a deodorant. once, i bought this "raspberry" scented deodorant and it made my armpits break out in hives..!!!

Divine Blackness said...

That MUFE looks soooooo niiiice!! I've never tried anything from MUFE, Dior, Tarte. I sooo need to take a trip to Sephora.

Marsadie said...

I've been wanting to try Dior's gloss for forever! I was @ Sephora last night & didn't even think to, tried some Urban Decay stuff instead.

Anonymous said...

I saw the MUFE Flash Colors a few weeks back at Sephora and though they're nice enough, Kryolan sells something extremely similar for less than half the price. MUFE is just a bit too rich for my blood (though I love the consistency and vibrancy)!

yummy411 said...

@ makeupbyrenren: i'm sold too! my wallet isn't! LOL

@ seymone: don't tempt me seymone, but yes i need at least one more in my arsenal. glad you loved them! let me know which other one you get =)

@ (g): can't wait to read your review or how they work for you! LOL yeh it does look like a deo doesn't it? LOL ooh raspberries and hives? ouch!

@ divine blackness: my good friend muthas fynest gave me a dior compact and can you say pigmented shadows?! whoa nelly. i had to tap my brush several times... love love love the lipgloss and the shimmer.

@ marsadie: yes check them out! did you buy anything from UD? share! will we get some reviews?

@ mandypandy: i'd def try the kryolan version of Flash Colors. The consistancy was so thin to me, i wasn't sure what to do with it, unless body painting was on the horizon =/ always great to hear from you ;)

Toya said...

I have four Tarte Cheekstains: Tickled, Sunkissed, Full Blossom (the swirly one) and Natural Beauty. All are awesome and I am in love with them. They work fabulously well on someone with oily skin, as they're a gel, so they don't add a thick layer of cream to the skin. Any of the four I've mentioned look great on brown skinned beauties.

yummy411 said...

hey toya! i can't wait to try the swirly cheekstain! it's so cool that they can work on anyone? have you tried blushing bride?

Toya said...

I haven't, but Blushing Bride is the next shade I'll be trying.