Monday, March 17, 2008

Yummy411: Coastal Scents Reviews, Happy St. Patty's Day.. Almost

What's the craic fellow beauty junkies!?

This my friend is the Crescent Fluff Shader brush from Coastal Scents. Intriguing little brush. How do you use it you wonder? Dip each end of the brush in different mineral shadows, sweep across lid for dual shades. Aha! Try it out for yourself- $2.95 at Coastal Scents.

Mineral makeup lovers! This is a mineral cosmetic eyeliner by Pencil Me In. This pencil comes in a variety of shades, sparkle or none. The sparkle pencils don't have an overwhelming amount of chunky glitter and can barely be seen. The liner glides on your skin and even has a sharpener conveniently located in the cap.

Find this and other mineral pencils at Coastal Scents for $6.99.

(swatches top to bottom: mineral eye shadow in Rose Sparks, mineral eye shadow in Hi Light Violet made by the crescent fluff brush, Pink Lady Sparks mineral eyeliner)
Check out Coastal Scents makeup brushes. (I def. do! I'm always on a prowl for a good brush!) They've added 15 brushes with new PINK handles... yummy! I'm definitely getting the duo fibre stippling brush with a pink handle!

I'm sure many are still out at the bars this St. Patty's Day, you maybe blog hopping or YouTube shopping for some green looks.. who knows... I, however, did somewhat of a green fotd, because it's not quite St. Patty's Day for me, almost.

I showed my Fafi Eyes 2 Quad some love by using the yellow shade on my lid, the dark blue on the outer half/v, soft brown on my 'banana', magic dust e/s as my highlight, the green shade was on my bottom lid. I lined my top and bottom lids with Loreal HiP color crayon in green. Fascinating eye kohl was on my waterline, and Loreal Voluminous mascara on the peepers. I have Improper Copper cream color base on my cheeks and 1N lipglass on my lips!

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Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

:) great st. patrick's day look! :D i like how it's not screaming green but has hints of it. :D

yummy411 said...

thanks christiana! your profile pics is que adorable!!! showing off those beautiful layers ;)

ilurvemakeup said...

Ooo girl, I need to bathe myself in Paris Hilton's Just Me then lol Doubt the hubby will smell it, he can't even smell the cat's litter box in the bathroom when it needs changing -_-;

I had zero makeup for St. Patty's Day ;_; Everyone was wearing green makeup and I felt left out lol As always, you look great :) Your lips look amazing here.

MakeupByRenRen said...

beautiful! dang i wish i should've thought to bust out some green shadow for st pattys day!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

you made that quad work so well for you! i love it!

nilla cookie said...

I love the St. Patty's Day look! So soft and subtle - very pretty, girl! And the lips look so luscious too!

Afrodite said...

Hmmm, I never thought of using green on the lower lash line. That's very pretty, I may have to try that.

yummy411 said...

@ ilurvemakeup: wow! if he can't smell the litterbox then i don't know what'll catch his attention! thanks!! it's never too late to do a green look.

@ makeupbyrenren: hi ren! like i said above, it's never too late to do a green look =)

@ mrs. lynne: thanks love!

@ nilla cookie: i think subtle and soft has been my MO lately. trying to incorporate my makeup looks at the j-o-b.. thanks chica ;)

@ afrodite: thanks! next time i will try a green that's a bit livelier... this was a little too pastel.

memphiz said...

Pretty!! when you doing my make-up? lol also what do u put on your hair as moisture

yummy411 said...

@ memphiz: when i come over to london for my photoshoot, i got you! ;)

hmmmm, i haven't been putting anything in my hair really. i just picked up some shine spray i think it's IC? i bought some other stuff, but it's very wet and i want shiny, moisture rich hair, not wet and have to wait for it to dry. the shine stuff makes a greasy film =(. i twist my hair when my hands aren't busy and i can't stand for any residue to be left on my fingers.. eck! so a lot of times, my hair actually looks dry i think =/

Apple Diva said...

hey hey, how are u enjoying the brushes??