Monday, January 21, 2008

Yummy411: What's in my purse?

I was tagged by Lilan of The Daily Cookie! It took me a minute to do this post because cleaning out my purse has been on my To Do list for a week now. Today, I actually took time out to do it and to delay this post no further.

My purse's contents were totally x rated. What a shame! Everything from my latest MAC purchase to prescriptions, receipts and medical documents...... it was all in there! I'm managing two lives out of there. What can I say?

The bag........ a sizable one. Not too big (let those go, my back's worth it); not too small (I def need more than a lipstick and CC in a purse.)

Here's what got extracted from the mess:
A sampler CD, (I did the makeup!) An extra Loreal Voluminous mascara (half of my BOGO purchase), 2 Lancome juicy tubes, my latest MAC purchases from the N Collection, my passport (I ain't going no where), my lipstick pouch, VG 5 and Barely Lit lipsticks, 2 roll on perfume oils, headbands, ponytail holder (i had no need for this, lol), my ear buds to use my phone hands free (i hate ear buds!), spare change and a packet of McDonald's sugar-- for coffee, hot tea.. that sorta thing.

Now here's what got re-admittance!

Biz cards, hand lotion, Airbourne, my Zyrtec D, inhaler, wallet, work and house keys, nasal spray, breath freshener, Taupe Notch and Sinnamon lipglass/lustreglass, Gel l/s, Soothing Beige lip conditioner, hand sanitizer.. and a handy list on staying focused on goals =) oh, and a smaller stack of important documents (not pictured), lol.

I'm afraid to ask what this says about me, but hey... I guess I'm open! What's in your purse? Any staple items? Things that need extraction?

Now, I'm supposed to tag a couple of people. I don't know how many, but Slvrlips, K of Hello Nobody, Mrs. Lynne, Shawnta, Francine and Elizabeth!


Elizabeth said...

wow i thought i carry ALOT of stuff. Looks like im not the only one!

Thanks for the tag ;)

KeShaJo said...

Girl I didn't feel too bad once I read yours!!!!! We're bag ladies! It's funny because when I was a little girl...I swore that I wouldn't carry junk in my bag like my mother did...LMAO now!

nilla cookie said...

OMG, your first pic of what was in your bag was CLASSIC! When I was carrying around a bigger bag, I feel like I was carrying around a ton of unnecessary stuff but luckily I just got a new purse for Christmas and that's why it was fairly clean :)

What perfume oils are you using? I've been on kind of a fragrance kick lately..

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Forget the contents of your purse...YOUR BAG IS SOOOOO cute!!! I absolutely love it! I'm ashamed to say that I have a TON of stuff in mine. :-)

yummy411 said...

@ elizabeth: umm no you're not! LOL.. can't wait to see your post =)

@ keshajo: now i feel bad about being honest! well it is what it is.. and now it's so light!! i'm glad i purged all the crap! imagine if my bag was any bigger =(

@ nilla cookie: yeh the purse was becoming a hazard. imagine going thru metal detectors? i know the people that check the screen shake their heads... oh don't forget places that want to do a purse check (yeh those places exist outside of night clubs).. i think they just say nevermind and hand me my purse back. LOL! Regarding the scents, i bought a knock off marc jacobs oil (i was looking for daisy) and i had pretty little things by VS in there.

@ BGG: thank you! one positive outlook on the mess huh? aww the fashionista! i didn't tag you.. what's in your purse? well consider yourself tagged!

Vanessa said...

Nice purse! I gotta have hand sanitizer too!

yummy411 said...

thanks vanessa!!

Mikaela said...

I love this - I got tagged too. In my post I mention this old Vogue article where a woman in Paris watercolors women's handbags and contents - it says a lot about them!