Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yummy411: Queen Latifah and CoverGirl's Online Contest

Queen Latifah and CoverGirl are at it again! With such a great response from last year's Every Woman is a Queen contest, they are teaming up to do it again this year! This year's contest is a little different. To enter, you don't have to travel to a city that's no where near you because it will all be conducted online! That's right!

Queen Latifah is looking for everyday women of color, ages 18-48, to appear in an advertisement for the CoverGirl Queen Collection. Those wishing to be considered can log on to to submit an entry from January 10th - 31st. All who enter will be required to submit a photo and a brief statement about why they feel that they too are a “Queen.” Queen Latifah will judge the online search and will select up to 5 winners to appear in a CoverGirl Queen Collection advertisement that will be featured in the June issue of Ebony magazine.

Last year, the fabulous ads were promoting the Natural Hue cream foundation from the Queen Collection. You all know how much I raved about that! This year? Wonderful lipsticks- Vibrant Hue Shine and Vibrant Hue Color! Vibrant Hue Shine gives lips a natural, high-gloss look. Virtually a gloss in stick form. Vibrant Hue Color offers rich, luxuriously creamy shades that last.

I got to check them out for myself!

Vibrant Hue Shine in Shiny CoCoa Bean and Shiny Sherry Shine


Vibrant Hue Color in Bordeaux and Cherrylicious


I'm more of the Vibrant Hue Color type of girl because I need color that packs a good punch! When using these, I would be sure to prime lips with moisturizer, concealer, lip primer, or whatever product you choose. The pigments may settle in fine lines, so give it a good canvas. Even though the Vibrant Hue Color lipsticks appear to be a touch matte, they are designed to lock in moisture by being infused with vitamins A and E and different emollients to keep your lips tender. Available in 12 rich shades. I can't wait to peek at the other colors available.

If you are more of the Vibrant Hue Shine type of girl, this lipstick may just be the formula for you. It's formulated with high shine properties to hold color and not disappear (or alter color); shiny brown should stay shiny brown. This lipstick offers 9 high shine shades.

I've been pleasantly pleased with the Queen collection line thus far and these additions keep up with the standard.

Give these babies a whirl, retailing at $5.99 a pop.


Vanessa said...

haha an AVON PUSHER, LOL! I am changing my SN to that now, haha! I love the iPhone! And yeah I have a Garmin Nuvi 350 (GPS) I like it a lot, it's portable too with a case! Oh yeah you definitely need one especially if you have kids and you gotta be everywhere!


ohhh those are pretty! Girl I know you are entering with your fab self! :D

Anonymous said...

$5.99? The price is right!

I was under the impression that the 'Queen Collection' , for CG, had been discontinued. I remember Target cleared it out and now I don't see it anywhere! Perhaps it was just been repackaged/reformulated? I'm glad it's back though; the cute purple packaging alone is reason enough to love it!

Tuesdai said...

You make me want to actually try those colors...I usually just wear earth tone, just because it looks better on me. I'm also jealous, of as to how you know how to apply eye shadow LOL. I use to know how...but I haven't wore eye shadow in such a long time, that I think I've forgotten. I guess this concept doesn't work as to "You never forget how to ride a bike or drive a car" LOL

yummy411 said...

@ vanessa: thanks again! i'll check those out.

@ shawnta: yes they are pretty nice with a base under them. i think they especially look nicer on brown beauties. hmmm good idea. maybe i'll enter ;) how about you?

@ mandypandy: i hope that they aren't discontinuing the line in your area?! i love the purple packaging as well =)

@ tuesdai: hi tuesdai!! try them out! lol@ the makeup skills comment. hey, i did a post on eye types and eye shadow placement with a chart. check over in the sidebar for a link to a post called: Basic Eye Design Chart under Req Yummy Posts. Also, join Specktra. There are many talented makeup artists and a plethora of resources to get you well on your way. I know I learned a lot!

Afrodite said...

After my fiasco with the N collectioon lipsticks, I'm starting to think maybe it's not for me but I do love Shiny CoCoa Bean and Shiny Sherry Shine

Boonchai said...

Thanks for sharing this very nice tips.