Sunday, October 14, 2007

Yummy411: Salt N Pepa, Pepa Has a Facelift?

Saturday night found me lazily in front of the tube watching reality TV that I never get to watch. VH1 is total guilty pleasure! I caught up on that mess of I Love New York 2, Rock of Love Reunion, and the plenty of trailers for other things to come this season including Gotty's Way, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Salt N Pepa. I think the talk of the season will be around the Salt N Pepa show. Wow Pepa! One commercial I saw the Pepa that I know and remember. The next commercial, I didn't know at whom I was looking! Take a look for yourself!

Before- 2006 Hip Hop Honors (photo:


Didn't people learn from Lil' Kim and her plastic surgery woes? She looks nice, but from the commercials her face doesn't move as fluidly as a natural face and it appears that makeup has to aid her greatly with her new look. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to this show very much. Salt has changed her platform to that for the church and Pepa is still Pepa from the group Salt N Pepa. This will be an interesting combination. I hope Spindarella will be a part of this show at some point. She was a part of the group! Check out VH1 for their celeb- reality line up for your guilty pleasure =)

Lastly, I caught Sunday's Best, an American Idol of gospel. I enjoyed the contestants, the MC- Kirk Franklin (one of my faves!) and the judges include Tina and Erica of Mary Mary and BeBe Winans. They make great judges and Kirk is my man! LOL. I do have to mention one contestant, who I call the Keyshia Cole of gospel. She came out on the stage in her shades, tight jeans, a belt buckle with the word "Sexy" and sneakers. She gave a very street and hood soul, if you will, performance. Very Keyshia and Mary J. She stepped the beat as she sang Mary Mary's Can't Give Up Now. Yikes! I'm all about the progressive and contemporary gospel, but 'sexy' on your belt buckle without a hint of church in your sound.. hmmm.. Of course, they kept her for a second round, as a pet project and as a talent to groom. BET is trying to step up their programming. Viacom has even helped with their online image.

I hope to schedule in the movie Why Did I Get Married very soon. I'm looking forward to seeing Denzel in American Gangster (based on a true story), from another BET hit series American Gangster. I read an article by the daughter of the profiled gangster in Glamour. Any programs that I need to catch that have you all hooked? Any movies that you are anticipating? Share!


Precious said...

I didn't notice until you posted this! Pepa still looks good tho, I'll give her that.

LOL, I only watch New York's show just to see what make up she's wearing. A true make up fanatic I am ;]

yummy411 said...

hey precious!
yes, i have to look at her a little closer next time because i got a question asking how does she make her eyes glisten. i figured that she might wear the glitter or rhinestone embellished lashes or she may even put little rhinestones in the corners of her eyes. what do you think? i didn't notice really.

Baby Doll said...

I don't like Pepa's nose job, she should've left her face alone...she was pretty before it. The pic you posted is the best one I've seen so far.

As for I love NY...I watch for pure comedy and entertainment-- of the ignorant kind...LOL! But her eye make-up is pretty most of the time-she can get a little drag with it though! I think they may have been referring to the sheen that she has on her eyes. I have some MAC shadows that give that look but they are too much for me on the every day scene. One that comes to mind is Pink's a Lustre and it is way too "shiny" for me.

applediva said...

Yeah, not feeling the new nose. I think her face looks softer (more feminine - for a lack of a better term.) She should have left her face alone. Well you need to watch Ugly Betty. :-D

yummy411 said...

@baby doll: yeh i'm not with all the plastic surgery, but whatever makes you happy =/

i'll suggest that shadow!

@diva: yeh i think it's a softer look and the nose was unnecessary. I'll try to catch it. When does it come on.. or i guess i could look up to find out =p

rebelleBAP said...

kia-I just blogged about Sunday Best! Ain't those MaryMarys a trip?lol! And that Keyshia Cole wanna be...if she could sing worth something her steelo is a good concept and fit right in to the "new"gospel sorts speak. But she need some condiditioning on her voice. I'm surprise Tina didn't tell her that.

karen, said...

It's good to see Spinderalla ... I caught the promos for their show and wondered what the heck happened to Spin.

Push It was the jam at my eigth grade dance, HA!

Daneen :) said...

That's Pepa?!?!? Why can't people just leave their faces alone? They need to put down the scalpels and botox - and pick up a MAC lipstick or Diorshow mascara. It washes off at the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am completely addicted to MTV reality shows this seasons. I also watched Gotti, and liked it..

As for New York's make-up, I think she should ton eit down abit but dramatic is what she is. Does her mom wear make-up? If she does, she could use more.


yummy411 said...

@daneen: exactly... what happens when you no longer want that look?

@mutha (anon): i like gotti too. only to see the relationship he has with his estranged wife. =/

NY's mother should have gotten a facelift not pepa!

Baby Doll said...

BTW, I watched I Love NY last night and in addition to the sheen on her lids, it does appear that she has a sparkle at the lash line...almost as if she has some rhinestones there. Like you said, not sure if she just wears the lashes that have the rhinestones on them already...

Valerie said...

I watch a lot of tv, but I still get my work done. LOL! People have been sleeping on The Game on the CW, Run's house season 4 starts next week, I love shows with fashion so ugly betty and The hills are favs. Lincoln heights on abc family is a good family show.Dancing with the stars, if you didn't watch Kimora life in the fab lane, that's interesting, and Grey's anatomy. The girls next door on E! is surprisingly really interesting, if there's nothing to watch. I love watching married away on the style network or any other wedding shows. I like to watch meet the faith on and exalted on sunday's.

yummy411 said...

@ baby doll: we need to try this look =)

@ valerie: are you sure you're getting work done? j/k ;)
-i need to check out The Game; i've heard a lot of buzz about it.
-omg! run's house and who's wedding is it anyway are some of my fav shows.. thanks for giving me a heads up
-i have yet to try ugly betty. i will one nite.
-the hills.. i just can't get into it.
-lincoln heights- major drama! wasn't as family friendly with a 3 y/o =/
-dancing with the stars- fab! i loved it! hanna montana and her dad! 5 stars! =) good fam show hahaha
-kimora, grey's anatomy and sundays with BET/TV one(?).. love those too, I just can't keep up =)

i do have a list now of must-see tv, tv guide here i come.. THANKS!!

cadie b. said...

someone should have advised pepa against this mess! she looks awful!! salt did something to her nose too.

yummy411 said...

cadie, i know right... hmm i'm not so sure about salt. her looks are ocnsistant.

Spicy Salsa said...

I'm SOOOO pissed at what Pep has done to her face! I'm sorry but that nose is NOT the business! What was wrong with her old nose?? NOTHING!! She looks like a missing Jackson now. I just shake my head at people butchering up their bodies for no reason. I'm not against plastic surgery but when it doesn't help I think it's pointless!! WTF Pep?!

Shes had her old nose forever and had the best success of her life with it. She may go completely bankrupt with this new snout!

Yannize said...

NY looks like a bratz doll with a bad weave...first of all...
I love S-N-P's show...but where is Spinderella....second of all...
and Irv Gotti's show? I hate Murder Inc but damnit if I am not a fan!...third of all

yummy411 said...

LOL @ spicy salsa.. going bankrupt over her nose.. i hope she's not already there!

@yannize: yes that's the same thing that i'm wondering.... where is Spin?

the irv gotti show has me interested too.. i want to see what happens to him and the estranged wife =/

Valencia said...

I notice that the day I saw the preview to the show. What a shame. She should have left her face alone

yummy411 said...

valencia, i know.... i want to learn more about plastic surgery. do they cuz certain muscles or tighten a little toomuch of one thing for her face to look so unnatural?

Anonymous said...

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