Friday, September 07, 2007

Musiq Concert FOTD

For my bday in June, I got Musiq Soulchild concert tickets. I've been counting down the days. Finally, that day came yesterday. My sister Jess and I went. We had a great time hanging out after work and going to the show. Thanks to my sister Toni P for making sure we had a great time. You're the best!

(my cam is seriously crazy. I'll set the date and it still doesn't want to act right, lol)

"Teach Me How to Love"




Yummy411 tips on seeing Musiq in concert:
  1. When going to see Musiq, take your S.O.S or be sure to have one to go home to.
  2. See him at a small concert hall, lounge or club or just don't have high expectations.

makeup used:
  • face- mac face primer, msf natural medium dark powder
  • cheeks-sincere blush, clinique shimmering tones powder, a touch of other worldly blush
  • eyes-select coverup to prep eyes, covergirl queen collection creme foundation to conceal under eyes, saddle (lid), i had saturnal in the crease, but decided entremauve looked better and covered it up... entremauve pigment (crease, outer v, and to line bottom lid), milani silver bullet e/s (inner and outer corners), mystery eye khol to line (my fav right now), styli style bronze liner (water rim), loreal voluminous carbon black mascara, clinique shimmering tones as highlight, and cork e/s in brows
  • lips- at the beginning of the nite i wore soothing beige lip conditioner and lancome's truffle lipstick with a little crescent gloss, but by the time these pics were taken i touched up with taupe notch l/g

*I've been using my purple entremauve because I don't get to wear it often and I decided to start putting it to work! lol

Yummy glam!


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yummy411 said...

thank you anon!!

misstonip said...

LMAO at the rice crispy treat comment b/c I was thinking the same thing. Yes, honey...Mariah can put her clothes on and still sell. Why must she always dress like a 14th Street hooker....or better yet...not put on anything at all? She has so much more to offer than that. It's cool to be risque` every now and then, but it is all day every day for her and it's getting quite boring. Ok, after slightly hating :-) ...I can't wait to check out the fragrance :-)

yummy411 said...

lol.. thanks toni! yeh she's so into showing all of her T&A (ref: m by mariah carey post) yes do go check it out!