Monday, September 17, 2007

Guest FOTD: Slvrlips!

Today, I want to introduce you all to my good friend Slvrlips (bka Nikkia), a fellow beauty junky and makeup artist in the DC area!

She's working those lashes, her MAC paint pots (I'm not that crazy about them, but after seeing her put them to work, they might be a winner!) AND her fabulously threaded brows. Aren't her brows fire??? I love asking her questions and picking her brain about all things beauty (okay maybe that's everyone, lol) but she has a lot to share. When are we gonna see your beauty blog Slvrlips??

Here's what she used- (All MAC)
Satin Finish Foundation NC50
Invisible set Powder
Select Finish concealer nc45/50
Format Blush

Concealer nw35 as highlight for brows
Moss Scape paint pot on lid
Golden Olive pigment over Mos Scape
Texture e/s in crease
Humid on outer v
Blacktrack fluid liner to line

Custom made pink

Thank Slvrlips for sharing with us!


Cassandra said...

This is my first time on your blog. Is it alright for me to add your site to my list of links??

BTW--Those brows are fierce!!! Love it!!

yummy411 said...

thanks for stopping by cassandra. i don't mind exchanging links with you. visit yummy411 again!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

I am loving those brows! Beautiful!

yummy411 said...

joy, i think i'll be next in line to get my brows threaded at that shop!

Divine Blackness said...

Her brows are shaaaarp. And I love those paint pots, I have 3. Get up on 'em, Yummy!

Talysha said...

This post is so cool. Her brows are divine and her makeup is gorgeous. I hope to see a lot more from her.


Spotlight On Style!

yummy411 said...

B- the paint pots.. i know! slvrlips really makes me want them.

Talysha- oh you will see more of her! i'll see to it =) Great blog! I'll be by there again to check it out more!