Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have MAC's Soft Lust lipstick... a pretty yellow gold... or so I thought. The lipsticks are sprayed/covered with a metallic color. The actual lipstick is another =( I still like it though. I pair it with Synched Up 3D lip glass for my most sexiest nude lip.

I haven't mentioned any of the new lines by MAC. By the time I put one up another will be out... they are throwing collections down our throat. Any how, the new lip glass pencils are interesting. A lustre lipstick in the form of a pencil.... worthy? Maybe not. They are made to especially suit lip glasses, but they are so sheer! Our darker hued sistas won't get love from these. However, if you want to make these work for you, a nice MA at the local counter showed me some tricks. Basically you have to treat them like a lustre lipstick and pair them with a regular lip liner... defeating the purpose eh? I know... but try some combos for a great lip color-- that's if you are like me and wanna try something new. My fav combo (thanks to the lovely MA) Brick lip liner with Coral Craze lip glass pencil. Line and shade your lips with Brick and add a top coat of Coral Craze.

When new Dior products are released, it's not even about the makeup!

Gosh I want one of these... even though I apply my bronzer just fine with the brushes I have.

My new obsession. This has to be the best thing that's happened to fragrance for me. I now have so many full sized bottles that won't be used as fast, so these are about the best way to go.


karen, said...

LOL about the MAC collections. It seems like they are rolling them out really quickly. I'm trying to become less obsessed with the LE's and to focus on what permanent stuff they have in their line.

yummy411 said...

i hear you karen! lol