Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The C Shock collection is up on MAC's website!
Vivid, bright colors for summer fun!


applediva said...

What are u going to get?

yummy411 said...

hey diva... you know i was only interested in the blue and possibly finally get passionate.. but the more i look and analyze the more i want... and it's making my wallet scared!

are you still not getting anything? i know you are waiting on rushmetal, i think it is?

AppleDiva said...

Rushmetal and Flashtronic... I got the wondergrass and I got Dark Flower l/g from MoonBathe. I saw a swatch of the Bananas one wet, it was totally awesome, but I am looking away.

yummy411 said...

thanks diva!! sheesh.. now i'm going to be biased towards bananas when i see it... though nothing has yet to top my chrome yellow!