Tuesday, April 03, 2007

MAC News: GlamGams, Plushglass

I am super excited about Spring and Summer (check the pastel polish on the model's toes that I'm so digging right now, mint green being my fave.) New cute outfits, new scents, new makeup trends and a delicious all over glow. Well, sometimes I can't seem to get that all over glow or luxe sheen to my skin. Last year, I tried to commit to the pool to get the natural glow via sun, but this year I'm willing to spend money. Not a tanning salon of course, but going to my trusted, ever-loving brand MAC for their body bronzer- GlamGams- mousse in a can. I wasn't tempted by it last year, but this year the body buffer brush looks so posh, I have to get the bronzer to go with it. I'm ready to get in a dress and show off some beautiful skin!

Back with more colors and tingling, lip plumping flavors are the plushglasses. I wasn't wowed by them last year and the tingling definitely doesn't lure me in for the second coming. Check it out if you wish.

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