Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ardell Heated Lash Curler

I was not too fond of the idea of lash curlers, but then I became a lover of all things lash and lash curlers found their way into my life.
Let's back track: Lash curlers were a quirky appliance that I was not putting anywhere near my face. Then I heard of heated lash curlers.. good grief! The contraption already looked dangerous. Now they are adding heat into the equation?! Pure madness! Besides, you can probably only find the heated lash curlers at a Sephora or Ulta or department store, I thought.

Fast forward a bit, to the the bit more open minded Yummy411 (after seeing a guy with the most impressive, natural set of lashes that he achieved with a press of the lash curler... W-O-W.) The heated curlers are in my local CVS! Battery operated and under $10! I've got to score a pair. I dare you! LOL

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