Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Dose of Fabulous-ness: Link Love Style

Pop Culture Junkie

PCJ tells us about Jennifer Hudson on another cover- LIFE. Also, check out her one on one interview with My Grammy Moment contestant, Africa Miranda.

Don't gaze at this dress too much and get Spring-time fever! Check out Stained Couture for some other cool finds!

The Makeup Bag gives us the dish on MAC on the runway. Great coverage!


Elle* said...

I thought Africa should have won. Her voice was so beautiful! And J.Hud on the cover of TIME, what can I say?

yummy411 said...

Hi, Elle! Yeh, I hear that all around. I hadn't heard of the contest until the Grammys. PCJ did a fabulous job with the interview =)

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Specialkalle said...

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yummy411 said...

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thanks specialkalle!