Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daddy's Little Girls

When I first saw the trailer for this, I knew it was a must see movie. How could you resist the story of a hard working, black dad, trying to make a difference in the lives of his daughters? Complete oxymorons on the silver screen.
Tyler Perry did an excellent job with this movie. He removed his faithful character Madea that he portrays, to keep himself from in front of the camera. All of the characters and their lines were real and believable. Many lines and emotions depicted on the screen were ones that we've heard before, said before or could relate to. If you saw the movie (this won't ruin it for people whom have not) think of the church scene with Bishop Eddie Long (I will be listening to him more often), the conversation Julia has on the phone with her friend about the difficulties in finding a 'qualified' black man, or I loved how Tyler pulled the movie together, with each scene being succinct and to the point. Some may feel that this made scenes/the movie under-developed, but for me it worked to move the movie along. He drove home his message of community, loyalty and the male role model in this lovable film. As a side note, one or two scenes in the movie stretched the idea to complete this film, making it hard to suspend disbelief. In the end, all was great!
The real stars of the movie were the three little girls, whom are real sisters. I hope I have such luck with my offspring, lol! Landing movies together? What a hot package!
Since this is a beauty blog I should mention the makeup that I noticed. Nothing spectacular. Just good, quality, glowing natural makeup on all actors/actresses. The makeup director in this film is Ghanaian born, Matiki Anoff. She has worked with Tyler Perry's crew before in Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Other film credits under her belt are: The Notebook, 8 Mile and Stuart Little.
Noteworthy: Melinda Williams was chic and sophisticated in every appearance, as she played assistant to lawyer Julia (Gabrielle Union). Her wardrobe was impeccable, as was Gabrielle Union's.


The Cheap Chica said...

idris elba is one sexy man. i want to see this movie, but i've been so busy. tyler perry makes good films

yummy411 said...

well this is one that you'll def have to see!

Vanessa Byers said...

Thanks for this post. I plan tosee this with friends next week.

yummy411 said...

you'll enjoy it vanessa. have fun!