Tuesday, December 26, 2006


DANSE debuted at MAC recently in stores. Not yet on the website.
Not impressed, but I could go for a few items....
*Danse lipstick- pink with silver flecks- may be able to substitute my Pink Clash lipglass from the turquatic collection with this.
*Corps-de-ballet lipglass
*Pas-de-deux lipglass- silvery with a pink opalescence. Think: Vex eyeshadow has met its lipglass match.
*Right of Spring e/s
*Earthline liner
I have not tried the mineralize skinfinish colors. I was in love with the set from the Muse collection and a few before then, so this I will definitely try soon.
Not quite picture worthy. You don't have to run to stores, take your time.
UPDATE: Check out DANSE and other new collections on MAC's site! Check out Blogdorf Goodman for a different point of view and some pretty pictures.


Heather said...

corp-de-ballet lipglass sounds tempting...

Heather said...

just saw the pics on the site, and what a let down!!

yummy411 said...

hey heather, yeh think about how i felt in the store. the picture/ad usually misleads me to buy products, but this time, all around disappointment. i'll check out the fotd/looks and see if i can add it all up. the MA that put the lips on me, her eyes were gross with too many of the watered down, muted colors..blah!

Beauty Bug said...

I agree, take your time. I do, however, like the lighter of the 2 skin finishes. It give me a pale pink dewy look.