Thursday, January 02, 2014

MAC Masterclass Brushes

MAC released some new makeup brushes, Masterclass brushes, in 2013 that resembled toothbrushes.   I didn't really pay them any attention as all  the brushes I have I love and use with purpose... Nothing's broke, there's nothing to fix.  Plus, I've been working on keeping money in my pocket and utilizing what I have.   *shrugs*

But then I watched this video by Nix92585 (YouTube)/Recycled Stardust...
Then, I saw Alsenio's video with a bit more information:

I'm torn, but definitely still curious.  Have you tried these?  Would you recommend them?


Unknown said...

meh! I'm not convinced. however i do need more brushes

yummy411 said...

@Candice Olivia Really lol. I'm still getting mixed reviews.