Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC Hidden Treasure Blush vs Black Radiance Warm Berry Artisan Color Baked Blush

I bought MAC's Hidden Treasure blush (Style Seeker collection, August 2012) I couldn't help but think that I bought a more expensive version of a blush I'd been avoiding, Black Radiance Warm Berry Blush. I only avoided this blush because I have at least four of the other Artisan Color Baked blushes. I didn't need another. Well, now I have both and I wanted to compare them to settle my mind and to share with you guys!

 Check below for swatches and more!

MAC Hidden Treasure blush:
"Rich, burnt red"
.21oz, $20
Subtle, pink sheen

Black Radiance Warm Berry Artisan Color Baked blush
Strong, deep red
.1oz, $4.99
Little, no sheen

In the pan, MAC's HT looks lighter than the Warm Berry.  The sheen brightens it up.  However, HT is a bit deeper in that it leans browner compared to Warm Berry.  Warm Berry has a burnt red look, but  more pink is mixed in the base so it looks more true red when compared to HT. 

Both blushes are amazingly pigmented, but I think the sheen in HT make it more friendly on different skin tones.  Warm Berry may be a bit harder to use, but my experience with the new Black Radiance baked blushes versus their old matte blushes, they are much easier to use.  You should use both with caution and with a fluffy brush, stippling/skunk brush or fan brush.

Do you have this blush??  What do you think of it??


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Great info. I don't wear colorful blushes, but will keep these in mind as the colors are very pretty.
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The Cosmetic Diet Blog said...

i have warm berry and i love the color it gives to my face!

Mila said...

really diggin those black radiance blushes!!

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...


You won't believe this Ipe Decking information said...

I love this MAC powder blush in Hidden Treasure. It has that old fashioned reddish tinted blush appeal; vintage! I LOVE IT! Very pretty and lasts all day. Highly recommend.