Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Urban Decay's Roller Girl palette

One of the latest items online to send us makeup lovers into a frenzy was Urban Decay's Rollergirl Paleette! I mean.... the black girl with an afro on skates? I wanted it like yesterday! It felt like 1/3 of my naked palette with a pink shade thrown in for fun and my love...Whiskey liner? It was a winner for me! I scored it during a recent Sephora sale ;)

Check out my thoughts on the palette and how I wore it for the first time.

Suspect on the lid
Verve on the inner corner (and highlights-- nose, top of the cheek, cupid's bow)
Woodstock in the crease
Darkhorse on the outer corners with some Whiskey liner
Whiskey liner to line with some liquid black liner
MAC Zoom lash mascara
Lip Junky lip gloss (included with the palette)

And POW! I punched it up a bit changing my lip color to Stila's Caprice!

Do you need this palette?
Let's be real. None of us needs any more makeup. With that aside, you still don't need it. This palette houses a few good neutrals, but we all have a few good neutrals that we can live with or without.

Why you may want this palette:
-#blackgirlzrock... How many makeup items do you have with us as the imagery?? I have a boat load for the next few lifetimes and this is THE only product that has a picture of me my cousin on it.
-You want some bang for your buck while adding to your UD stash. Maybe you don't own a lot cosmetics by Urban Decay. This little palette gives you four of their shadows, a liner and a lip gloss!
- You want a neutral palette that can fit in your purse., Compared to all of the palettes I have by Urban Decay, this is the only one I feel is reasonable enough to carry around. It's small! As small as an iPhone.

Overall, did I need it? No. Glad I got it? Yes (as a makeup collector, hehe)

Did you get it? How do you like it?


Amina said...

I loooove the look you created!! simply beautiful :)
That stila lippie..woow (off to
I also got it and I am glad I did. I didn't need it but it is a beautiful palette.
I loooove your locs.I still can't commit as I love loose hair too. Can I do half half?Lol

Unknown said...

I love love love UD...but I hate thier palettes are so repetitive!!

...ALLmEYEne... said...

I really don't need the shadows at all. I haven't purchased it yet. The one reason I want it is for the palette itself. :-( So I'll be getting it. Love the look. I've seen a few other's looks with the palette and yours if my fav.

Unknown said...

I love the look especially the Caprice.

Anonymous said...

I in some form or another already own all the shades in Rollergirl, but want the palette just for the packaging...might have to make it my Mother's Day gift to myself....lovin' the Caprice lipstick!

B said...

Lovin' the look! Haven't gotten this palette yet because Lord knows I don't need anymore shadows. Loooooove that lippie!

Toya said...

Love the look! As someone stated...I have seen a few looks with this palette and yours is def my fav!And ummmmm....I am still waiting for your video tutorials! I will stock you until you start doing them...j/k (well maybe I am a little serious :)

antithesis said...

u've got a point there. there are some brands i dont buy b/c they dont have ANY brown girls on the packaging. but no, i dont need this palette. now if this palette was gifted to me, that's one thing but going out and buying it is highly unlikely.

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Gorgeous look!! And i knew I had to have this palette as well as soon as I saw the fro, brown skinned beauty and roller stakes. I'm so stealing this look lol

yummy411 said...

@ amina: girl you are funny. can't wait to see what else you are getting from stila, but wait! you are going to be at tms, so get your good from there!

@ arimacluvcarter: exactly =( did they ever come out with a palette that included some mattes? i don't think so.

@ allmeyene: you are far too kind! thank you! ;) yup, the collector in me had to get it.

@ kenya: thanks girl! will you be rocking caprice to tms??

@ tamaara, 3m: same here! nice mother's day gift!

@ b: yes i understand. caprice is a must have!

@ toya: thanks so much!! :)) trust me, i want to be part of the youtube family, but i have to get my lighting together (right now everytime i record it looks orange and pink). i'm working on that now!

@ antithesis: no one has brown girls on their packaging! ads yes, packaging no. yes this would be the ultimate gift!

@ nikkia: we are collectors, so i know what you mean. you did a fab look with this palette.. getting that pink to work out for you.

1xellus1 said...

I love this look you've created. I'd love to buy the palette. What truly intrigues me is the size as well as the gloss. Hubba hubba! LOL
Thanks for sharing.

I was also laughing re: "no brown girls on the pkging". My mom used to color in the faces on greeting cards when we were little b/c there weren't any lines for people of color. I see H&M Kids catalogs w/o any chldren of color & still trying to figure that out. Also I don't support different companies b/c of reputations for mistreat ment of persons of color or their glaring absence from ad campaigns. Abercrombie & Fitch. SMH

jeni said...

I just love the look!!