Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IMATS 2011: Red Carpet Makeup with Valente Frazier

LinkMany knowledgeable, fantastic celebrity makeup artists were attendance at IMATS (Eve Pearl, Adrien Morot, Kevin James Bennett, and Linda Mason to name a few), but one I was excited about seeing and meeting was Valente Frazier! Makeup artist to Tyra Banks and others, this artist possess knowledge, poise and just a charm that you'll fall in love with! (Part of the artist is talent, but attitude and demeanor also speaks volumes to your craft!)

Valente took us through the process of the classic smokey eye with Q&A while he worked. Here are some tid-bits I picked up:
  • He uses RCMA foundation for great coverage and blendability.
  • He uses YSL and Laura Mercier powders for their finely milled formulas.
  • He likes bronzers from Kiko- an Italian makeup line.
  • He created a classic smokey eye with MAC Smoulder liner and a bronze Dior quint, smudging liner with a pencil brush.
  • He highlighted and contoured with cream (his RCMA foundation palette).
  • He likes Roque Cozette synthetic brushes.
  • A key component to red carpet makeup is to select a focal point of the face and focus on that special feature.
  • Another tip for long lasting red carpet lip color is to use Jello powder as a lip stain.
  • He doesn't believe in the ultra sculpted brow, but a nice manicured brow.
  • His work time: 1 hour! (by my clock)

What a gorgeous look! She's a natural beauty anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed my IMATS posts. I hope to see you at IMATS next year!


Shana Janelle said...

gorgeous look and great tips - who knew about the Jello?! wow...I will have to look into the RCMA and see how they compare to my graftobian palettes...thanks for sharing!

Body Wash Supplies said...

Great read. Valente Frazier does an amazing job. Being a makeup artist to Tyra Banks would be quite interesting and she always has the most flawless and amazing makeup. Love the tips he gave.

yummy411 said...

@ shana: i know i didn't! yeh i'll have to check out the infamous rcma as well. i thought the graphtobian and rcma ran neck to neck (which I'm sure they do according to makeup forums), but i'm hearing more artist say rcma than graphtobian.. .

@ bws: thanks!