Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IMATS 2011 My pics!

I'm slow and hesitant to upload these pics because I didn't feel well this day and I totally feel like I looked it (hated my makeup and felt like a slob). However, being amongst makeup junkies and other bloggers, etc. made my day and made me feel a whole lot better!! So check out what my experience was like! Look it's Nigel (left) of Nigel's Beauty Emporium! I love meeting the founders of companies!

You all must recognize Josh, right? The very talented Petrilude on YouTube? I told him I was expecting him to be in blue hair as Misty Maven.. I really wanted to meet her, hahaha! He was really sweet about taking loads of pics with strangers. A lot of ppl have negative ideas about the 'gurus' of youtube, but my thing was.. I don't know them. Josh was really nice.

Sherry Blossom of Sherry Blossom Beauty. Twitter peeps were out in full force as Erin recognized her from Twitter, but she's a beauty blogger too.

Ahhh Warren Beautiful and Erin Scandalous! LOL I love these two. I had to chat it up with Warren about his latest gig as a makeup artist for CNN.. challenges, lessons learned, differences between makeup in real life and TV makeup, HD and more. Erin was there being the blogging star that she is (everyone wanted a pic with her. I think she even signed some autographs too ;)) Check out her locs growing in so beautifully and complimenting her face! Loves it! Help me to urge them to have a Makeup Show social like they did last year! Check out Erin's Facebook album that sums up the IMATS experience!

Beautiful AmeriTrini from YouTube and her friend. This was our first time meeting. They were killing it with their bright lips! It made me realize what I needed for my look! AmeriTrini was wearing MAC's magenta liner and Petals and Peacocks lipstick while her friend wore NYX Chaos. Gorgeous I tell you. I needed to steal her friend's loc style too!
Ahh Bethany! We recently met at Cocktails and Couture NYFW event... I call her the internet socialite. Ever since I met her, she's popped up every where on the nets! ;) Love her. She's a sweetheart! She was also killing it with that lip. Stila's Caprice. I made that purchase instantly!! Total awesome surprise! BeatFaceHoney from YouTube. Love her and so glad to have had the chance to meet her. She was really sweet and open! She was just as nice and bubbly as she comes across in her vids. Do we have the same color eyes? I always thought hers were brighter. Maybe it's her blonde hair the brightens them up? She looked gorg!
Everyone was mesmerized by this attendee's lips.. MAC's Ruby Woo covered with a red glitter from Eye Kandy Cosmetics. She had glitter on her lids as well. Simply beautiful and she was very nice about being a model for all the pics snapping!

Carm B of LipstickFashionMascara blog. She's a riot. Glad to have met another twitter buddy and beauty blogger.

Me with Queen of Blending. I told her that she has to remember us Specktra girls when she's shouting out her online peeps. LOL! Another online personality people were forming a line to meet. Too cute!
I had no idea until I saw Erin's photos that to the far left is GirlCanPaint's Ivette, someone else I'm familiar with via Twitter. Erin, NYC Beauty, and moi. Great to see everyone again!
Fashionista Marsha of BrownFace B.E.E. I spotted her in the infamously outrageous Inglot line. I don't think I saw her after. Did she ever get through the line?? It's always good to see her and connect! Mwah!
The homie Nerissa of Noire Tropical Beauty!!! She played unofficial NY Ambassador to me and I truly appreciate her for that as well as her love of beauty. We scoured the IMATS floors together with a mission and chatted for lunch after. Good times, good times! Another proud moment for me in this industry of makeup.. I got to meet Valente Frazier (Tyra Bank's makeup artist) He's so sweet and I have more coming up about his class I took!


Pumps and Gloss said...

Looks you had a great time!!!

UrbanGlamGyrl said...

looks like so much fun! i can't wait until i can attend IMATS!

Shana Janelle said...

you got so many great pics!

yummy411 said...

@ pumps and gloss: k, i did!

@ urbanglamgyrl: you have to come one year!

@ shana: thanks!

Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Great pics! You had a blast and these pictures show it :-)

Mschrys said...

Awesome pics looks like you guys had a great time! Sad I didn't come...maybe next time : )

Anonymous said...

So jealous. Was away for IMATS London. Next year, I want to make it for The Makeup Show in NYC.

Unknown said...

I hated lip tars when I first got them about a year ago...now I love them!! Cant wait to get more!!

jilliandanica said...

Can't wait for IMATS LA! Any chance you'll be coming out for that one? And I've gotta try Ruby Woo w/ some red glitter! Great pics!

yummy411 said...

@ nikkia: thanks girl!

@ mschrys: hope to see you next time!

@ aceyourfaceUk: it would be fab to meet you in NYC next year!

@ creatively yours: what made you change your mind about them??

@ jilliandanica: i would so love to come to LA, but doing imats nyc and the makeup show nyc puts me out of commission ;( hopefully next year! i need to meet all of you fab west coast ladies!!